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October's Favourites:
Turtles All The Way Down and Positive Vibes ✌

As the end of October is just behind us, it is that time of the month again when we go through the Monthly Favourites!


This month I fell in love with a t-shirt from H&M. Not only is it a loose shirt it is also prefect for your lazy day at home on the couch. Furthermore, it is 100% cotton.

The best aspect of this shirt is the design:

I love the message "Girls support girls" and that it comes with a sparkly background! It is gives the whole garment a positive vibe and like you want to have a good time.

It is a basic shirt with a positive message, and what's wrong about that? Nothing!


Snow by Angus and Julia Stone 

I am impressed by a small band called Angus & Julia Stone. They released their new album Snow  and it keeps mesmerizing me with every single song.

The first time the Australian band appeared on my radar was with the song Big Jet Plan, it is a song filled with a lot of emotion, and even though it is acoustic it has a rhythm that you just fall in love with.

They make the kind of music that would play in the background if your life was a movie. Your parents don't agree with your partner, and now you sit in the train watching the waterdrops slide down the window? That's A Heartbreak for you.

Stealing a glance at your partner who sings in front of the bathroom mirror and you realizing how luck you are to have them by your side? Now you'd hear Chateau in the background. This is one of twelve new songs from the album Snow. 

You really can't go wrong with Angus & Julia Stone. 


Turtles All The Way Down by John Green

After many years John Green finally publishes a new book. The expectations are high, since The Fault in Our Stars was one of the best books I have ever read. Usually comebacks are something that never quite work out, but John Green has done the impossible He made it work!

The story follows Aza who with her friend Daisy is trying to solve the disappearance of Russell Pickett. However, as the plot continues this takes a backseat and the characters become all the more important. Personally, character driven stories stick far longer with me than plot driven ones.

Furthermore, it does not happen every day that you can empathize to a character that suffers from anxiety. Green manages to write Aza in such a way that you understand why she feels this way and why she reacts "weird" in some situations.

All in all, it is a great book and I am delighted that John Green gave writing another go!


"Don't be afraid to write badly ... that's why we edit" 
via tumblr

Every writer has been in this position before: the greatest idea is just on the tips of your fingers. But you were tired and knew you couldn't do it justice. Maybe next week or the week after that is better?

I like that this quote inspires you to write it down first, no matter how dreadful because after all the words are written, you can always edit it! Soon it is going to turn into the work of art you had always had in mind.

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