In Defense Of Staying At Home On Friday Night

Every other week I stumble through this social media network called Twitter. Inadvertently, I end up seeing a blog post that goes along the following lines:

"Yeah, I was totally exhausted from uni, but nevertheless I went out with my friends. We drank seven bottles tequila. One friend threw up in my hands, funny. Then we rubbed our sweaty bodies against some crowd. Oh, I lost my phone as well. Best night ever! What can we learn from this? Ladies in gentlemen, go out on Friday night even if you're exhausted."

The minor hyperbole aside, as someone who can already feel the life drain out of her body just thinking about being involved in half of this mess, I don't see how going out on Friday night to do that is in any way appealing.

Hence, fueled with sudden bravery and mild annoyance, I decided to stand up and defend the concept of staying in on Friday night!

Such "wild nights out" are often not worth the effort. In the end, you end up in a cramped room, with a stranger sluring cheap pick-up lines at you while listening to loud music where you don't know half and don't like the other half. The next morning when the ordeal is finally over, you're exhausted and maybe hungover as well.

Furthermore, small talk is not easy. Especially not with someone you don't know, or when you can't find a common topic. Then you have to shout over the loud music. In the end, it makes the whole experience of clubbing, and going out just draining ...

Any extrovert, who calls a group of 15 people small, might stand up and explain to me how wrong I am. In fact, I am not. People are different, there are many who enjoy such an environment, and I can't understand that either. For a lot of introverts this is what a "great night out" feels like: One or two great moments mixed with hours of exhaustion.

This does not mean that introverts do nothing all day, or end up friendless crying in the shower while eating pie. Instead, the friendships are not built around drunken nights out, but rather quiet nights in.

Personally, I am an avid texter. On the one hand, I can hold long and meaningful conversations with someone via texting, without being forced to reply just now. On the other hand, I can share silly memes and posts, knowing that they're going to make my conversation partner laugh.

Going out to just catch up, is almost never done. When it is, it is usually in a snug café or sitting in the park while eating ice cream and watching ducks. Loud places with many people squished together are avoided!

Other ways to spend the said Friday night are: a movie marathon with a friend while eating popcorn. Doing the same while huddled up on the sofa alone. Writing a small story for themselves or sharing it later. Enjoying a new CD while reading a good book, and sending your friend the newest cat snap you took because you know she'll like it.

This is neither sad, nor lonely. Instead it is fun and most importantly your favourite introvert is going to be comfortable.

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