A Year Of Writing: The Then And The Now

1000 Hours of Writing: Hours 480 - 500

As the beginning of this month is behind us now, there lies the beginnings of this humble challenge. After a year, I am halfway through my hours and a bee's dick ahead of Anne as well. Hence, I can conclude that this occasion is a happy one.

This feels much like one of those moments when you sit find your old diary and flick to the pages and wonder "what the hell was I doing back then?" Or when recently I found a photo of me after my hair-cut. Then I looked into the mirror and without really noticing it, they had grown longer again. The changes are subtle as time goes on. When you pick two reference points, they suddenly seem to be gigantic.

It is the same way with a my writing. Would you have asked me a year ago what I write, I would have shrugged my shoulders and gone. "Just a bit of fiction and I run a silly little blog." The blog happened to be all over the place. I did not think twice about it when I would write a post about self-driving cars - yeah, I don't know either. Adding the hours of writing was the first constant theme I had going for it.

Then two months down the line, DriveTribe launched and I was part of this. I had applied with my silly little idea, in the hope that with a funny way to ""solve"" a problem I could bring a smile on someone's face.

While that still is the goal of this fine motoring tribe - well, more car-themed - it has taught me and forced me to use new skills as well. Bizarre Solutions was the first place where I started branding pictures, at first only the header, later on every picture. Later I decided to do the same with this blog as well with a slight variation on the effect, and likewise for The Rookie Road Tripper. They're all from the same "family" while being slightly different.

Then I started to write theme specific. DriveTribe is for motoring, while this blog is for lifestyle. It really helped to get a better focus and keep this blog on topic. Furthermore, being determined to update both platforms regularly has taught me that the best ways to organise the sheer amount of writing and editing needed. I have found a way that works for me.

Even though  Bizarre Solutions dances in the grey area of fiction and non-fiction, I find that fiction does not play as big of role in my over-all writing as it used it. At the same time, I feel that this is all right. I still enjoy scribbling down the odd fluffy story, but the main focus lies on blogging. I have become more organised, and more focused. It is no longer all over the place, instead there is a path I walk on. It feels pretty great too.

Furthermore, I find it hard to get bored by blogging. People who follow me on Twitter, have to suffer through my variety of interests. Motoring that clashes with nail varnish and add a bit of motorsport as well, basically, I am dancing on knife's edge to not bore one part of my following too much. However, with blogging, I can indulge in almost all my passions. On the right platform I can write about nail varnish, I can write about my road trip, and tell a funny story that includes a car, while on the same day I am going to write about blogging tips. Maybe I am going to open a motorsports blog as well ... who knows?

After a year, I am hopelessly in love with the concept of blogging. There are almost endless opportunities. This is the blog that started it all!


  1. Congratulations! I am glad we both made it to the one year mark! I remember looking at the page of the challenge creator who appeared to have given up after 32 hours; and I'm proud of us that we keep going :).

    I'm also happy you still like it, and that you've learned so much! I have a similar post drafted, but it talks much more about things I did wrong and needed to improve. But reading your post reminded me that looking back on the positive changes is really important, so I think I have to change mine.

    So, thank you for your positive attitude in your review, and for coming on this journey with me :*.

    I wish you many happy hours of blogging ahead and will cheer you on along the way :).

    1. Sometimes words fail me, but luckily, this is why emojis were invented:
      💕💕❤️❤️ 💕💕❤️❤️ 💕💕❤️❤️


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