Driving Home Through The Seasons

It started when I woke up, opened the curtain, and was confronted with what is locally known as "snow."

2°C, and white powder ... Last time I checked it had been summer.

The high alpine road had been given an okay even with summer tyres, so we bravely marched on: crawling upthe South side before it went down ...

Once we were crossed the highest point the snow cleared. Now we only had to stop before finding the edges of the mountain by falling down ...

Hero shot after rolling down the Großglockner in Fusch. After unclenching my butt, the car received a well-deserved kiss.

With the snow gone, and the temperatures slowly rising, I set off home through Spring

... along with some spring rain.

While driving via A1 is the faster route, going via Styria is clearly the scenic route.

and soon the rain disappeared to show me the world's full beauty!

Things started to get warmer, and a change of clothes was in order. Starting with three layers, I was two lighter now.

And on the "home straight" I was back in summer

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