Above The Clouds

The morning of day three looked rather ... wet. Rolling out of bed and opening the window it did not take long to discover what was missing from the view.

It was the mountain opposite of our hotel. It had disappeared!

It was raining cats and dogs, even frogs! On the odd occasion cows. I wasn't too convinced that going out would be a good idea. As I discovered a day prior I was hopelessly underdressed. However, Barb not only supplied me with a jacket, she also reminded me that cars can drive in the rain as well.

"But in these torrents?" Yes. "With that wind?!" Yes. "And the fog?!" You only drive as fast as you can see. If it became unbearable we could always turn back. "... all right."

Barb elected - was elected - to drive ahead. This way if I'd suddenly stop seeing her car and hear a scream instead I'd know that the mountain ended there ... er, what I meant to write was: her car isn't black hence it's easier to follow in the fog.

still there
Hence we dared to set off to "Biker's Point." I had to admit that the weather wasn't as horrible as my imagination had made it out to be. While it was raining and colder than expected (5°C) my car felt good. The Little Mite had good grip, and seemed to be offended by the mere idea that it couldn't handle this!

Suddenly, we were above the clouds. And because the weather on the alps is what I call "properly weird" the clouds cleared within a minute and I had the most stunning view of my life:

All of the sudden you could see the area around you, and the road underneath us:

oh, and a bunch of sheep ...

What I learned is that you should never let the weather hold you back! Don't stay hidden in your room because of a drizzle. Put on your jacket (read: your friend's jacket) and head out into this big wide world!

Meanwhile, Barb learned that my ability to take photos on cobbled roads is not a skill but a gift ...

it's not as easy as it seems

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