Every Journey Is An Adventure

Every year thousands of people pack their bags and head out into this big wide world. Some flop down on the beach reading a book while lying on their dolphin towels, while others look at a city on the other side of the world.

There is so much to see, places to explore and different means to get there: train? Aeroplane? Car? Furthermore, it also means that you get to leave life behind - no need to worry about cleaning the bathroom or stressful tasks that may lie in your way otherwise.

Each time I return from a holiday, I come back a bit wiser. A slight bit different. I discover another part of life and of myself. I am not talking à la Eat, Pray, Love. I doubt that anyone in real life really has a journey that is as life changing as that. However, it hides in the smaller things.

Returning from Frankfurt I discovered that doing things alone is fun, and literally nobody is going to give a shit if you sit in the cine by yourself. Now, this might seem mundane to everybody else, but it hadn't been to me.

It doesn't even have to be life lessons. Instead it can be some small realization as well. As I discovered in Bratislava: Taking a bath is wonderful! Not that I was unaware of what a bath is, or was not in possession of a bathtub. No, weirdly enough I had never really taken a bath before. It had always struck me as boring and a useless way to clean my body. At least until I realized that this isn't the point of a bath.

Now after another adventure, I am twiddling my thumb and shifting in my seat, dwelling on another thing I learned about myself and life. I can't help but wonder what it is that pushes those little realizations out of me?

Is it that you are up in a different environment? Suddenly you have to break habits since you're unable to sit in front of the laptop all day and there is no decent WiFi. Or maybe that you get a chance to do activities that you wouldn't have tried otherwise? Without really thinking about it you're able to overthrow patterns that had been in place for years.

Then you come back into the "real" world. Of course, you mostly shift back into your old routines. Not all of them though, a small lesson from your holiday remains.

Ever since Frankfurt I have never not done anything because I couldn't find a one plus. I wanted to see this one time movie, and knew nobody would be interested in going with me. Did I stay at home? No, I simply went on my own. In fact I had not thought twice about it. On few occasions you're going to find me lounging in the bathtub with a good book.

Unlike in an epic romance novel, the small changes seem to stay with me. Every journey changes me a bit, and in a way I am not able to predict when I set off. This and so much more, makes every journey into an adventure!

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