What Hides In The Future For My Writing?

1000 Hours of Writing: 360 - 380

When I started this blog, I thought that it'd be a fun way to write down whatever was floating around in my head and maybe make a few people laugh along the way. It was a way to pass the time - after all life was already set in stone: I was studying and why should writing get me anywhere? It's unrealistic anyway. I have not considered that one day it might think about where to take it. However, after life changed, I am in a position where I wonder what to do here ...

I am not sure when the turning point was. Maybe when I was accepted as a pre-launch tribe leader. Just a minor hint that showed me, that my writing wasn't all too rubbish. This in turn "forced" me to make a second twitter for my writing persona. So I discovered an unbelievably kind blogger community. I noticed that my blog flourished under its watchful eye and it became more structured.

Then I ran blog and tribe side by side, saying that both have the same priority. If I do one blog post per week, I am going to do one tribe post and vice versa. While usually, I wouldn't feel inclined to share my thoughts and ideas about the future, or where I want to take things I feel like this time I should clear it up. After all I walk a thin line between motoring bollox and lifestyle bollocks.

After half a year, it has been established that this blog has priority over the tribe. I can't exactly explain why, it's more a gut feeling that this is going to take me somewhere - wherever that is.

While I don't want to make it a habit of missing tribe posts, I won't stress myself over them either. Don't despair I have new ideas for "DriveTribe" as well. But let's start with the changes for this blog:

On floralcars:

Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that a whole category went missing in the menu: #everyday life.

This decision has hurt me a little bit, because it was the founding idea of my blog. However, not only do I lack posts in the category, the voice and humour has simply spread all over the blog anyway. So in a way it's not eradicated or lost at all. Instead it has been worked into the very fabric of this blog.

Posts which were categorized as #everyday life are now re-branded under #lifestyle and #life. Hence they're not lost at all, and I don't plan on stopping on telling funny stories when they cross my path or using silly jokes, they'll just be in a different category and more topic wise now.

While taking something away, I decided to add something else instead: Monthly Favourites. 

I know, I know. It's not the most original idea. I didn't find it quite challenging to write about it, instead I decided to vlog about it. The categories are: Fashion/Lifestyle - Entertainment - Music - Quote

The first of hopefully many
On top of that, I am still planning on upping the number of posts per month. This is going to be a slow and gradual process, and I hope that it'll work out.

On DriveTribe:

While the changes for this blog are rather small in nature, the ones for the tribe are a tad bigger. One idea combines my love for motosports and talking bollocks. It already fits into the current tribe: Bizarre Solutions. The working title is: Racing for Dummies. 

In it, and with the help of Sticky, I want to explain things related to motorsports: Formula E in general, LeMans, introduce race tracks, or talk about certain drivers. I have shied away from race racaps because that feels too close to the MiniDrivers.

The ever so faithful Sticky
I still need to work out the finer details, and need to do a private test run - something I've also done with the Monthly Favourites. This project is still some time away though. The "earliest" I have on schedule is Forumla E since its new season starts in December. So don't hold your breath just yet.

Something that is not as far away is The Rookie Road Tripper.

This is going to be an extra tribe in which I want to share pictures and story from my road trip(s?). I have wondered for a while where I could share this, or even if I should.

The tribe does not quite fit - since I need to create a problem for it and for the blog it seemed too far off. Making a second blog would subconsciously force me to update it regularly, also a lot of coding would be involved ... However, DriveTribe takes care of that - I don't have to worry about coding, styling or not even engagement if I am honest, and since I am regularly active anyway, I wouldn't feel stressed about updating.

Of course, my priorities may shift again, an idea just does not work out, or I get bored of it. But for now, that's the plan. I am both excited and slightly terrified of them, but when am I not?


  1. Thank you for posting this; what a great way to keep us updated :)

  2. Just keep on writing girl!

    1. That is the plan, enthusiastic anon 😊😊


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