A Little Bit Of Summer On Your Nails

As I write this, summer is in full bloom: the sun is shining bright, the grass is green, the pools are open and the jackets lie forgotten in a dark part of your closet. At the same time, most of us can't enjoy the spirit. Instead, we end up sitting at work and longingly look outside the window dreaming of summer adventures and long days lying on the beach.

I decided that I could bring the spirit of summer with me in small bottles: nail varnish.

There is always a colour that goes with the occasion. Darker red tones if you go for traditional, orange to signify your anticipation of The Grand Tour or simple nude nails. The options are endless.

Digging through my seemingly bottomless supply of nail varnish, I found five that shout "summer" at me, and can bring a little bit of summer spirit in even the darkest place:

Catrice - Ultimate Nail Lacquer: 

91 It’s all about that red

I am a big fan of Catrice. They have an endless varaity of nail varnish, and on top of that they're pretty decent quality for a good price. A bottle rarely costs above 3€. So it seems fitting to start my summer nail collection with a classic red from them. 

Since it's red, it can be paired with almost anything. At the same time it's a bright colour and a little more daring than your average red nails. 

LOOK by bipa - Colour Explosion

#1 flashy yellow 

It's unbelievably hard to find a yellow that actually looks good. Usually, you have to paint on 300 layers which take ten years to dry. Then maybe you get to see a result.

Not so here! I very much enjoy this colour. It's already yellow, so you can't get much brighter in terms of colour. 

I must admit that it is not very shockproof, so you need to be careful what you do with your hands. Since I work a lot with mine, and I am a clumsy type as well the damage becomes quickly visible.

Still, the cheerful colour is worth risking a few scraps here and there. 

Catrice - Ultimate Nail Lacquer

875 It's All I Can Blue

And we're back with Catrice. Now, I'd like to give kudos to whoever names the colours because I think they're very skillful! 

Back to the nail varnish: This time I have chosen a lighter blue because it just feels more "summery" to me. It feels lighter and less heavy than blue colour pop. On top of this you can wear colour pop in every season of the year.

A light shade of blue? This works best in summer. 


840 Big Apple 

This is pretty much the only green nail varnish I like.

It's from Manhatten so quite expensive in relation to the others. It is worth every cent! You're going to fall in love with it.

I know that green does clash with a lot of colours, especially when it's bright as well. In this case, it's well worth the "risk". I am utterly smitten! 


26 azur pearl

I call this my mermaid nail varnish because it is as sparkly as I'd imagine a mermaid's tail to be.

It is very beautiful. In fact I am saddened that I am yet to find a suitable replacement. There is non, and one day the bottle is going to be empty. This is going to happen quite soon as well. Then my heart is going to be broke.

Meanwhile, my nails are going to be fabulous. 

What is your favourite nail varnish for summer? Let me know in the comments below! 

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