Small Tips To Help You When Jogging

As some of you know, I am an avid jogger. I adore the way it can clear the mind and you can keep pushing yourself. I'd be lying that it is easy, especially when you start, it becomes more than complicated: how far should I run? How far can I run? And all the minor things you didn't even think about. It does take a while until you're going to see a result. This can become quite frustrating ...

Hence I am going to share a few tips and tricks that have helped me.

Start Slow!

This may sound odd, but there is no point in starting fast and then running out of stamina halfway through. In fact your muscles still need to warm up. So starting "too fast" could actually cause more damage to your time - and body - than starting with a gentle jog.

It takes a while until you manage to correctly guess your own pace, and when your slowest sector is at the beginning. However, help is at hand: there are apps that can help you. Personally, I use runtastic but there is also C25K.

It also helps if you listen to slower music, then you're not inclined to go fast just yet, and can slowly ease yourself into the jog. Traditionally the first ten minutes are meant for warm-up - so no legging it just yet!

A Song In Your Head

I know there are people who can't stand listening to music while jogging, and that's okay. However, I find it very helpful to have a steady beat along with me. In fact, it has been proven that the best type of music to listen to is a 3/4 beat.

Actually, there are songs I can't listen to while jogging. Like many others I have a playlist for jogging - which is impossibly long now. Sometimes I just listen to one artist or album, to learn that these songs work best in keeping me going and motivated.

Weird Motivations

Music is not the only way that can keep you motivated. There are also weird-ish motivations.

Bear with me here: other people have "start slow, finish strong" or "don't wish for a good body, work for it." I have "train like an F1 driver."

Of course, I am not training like an actual F1 driver because I am not one. It is not a competitive thing either. Instead, it runs more along the lines of: "Alex Wurz can cycle some miles despite jet-lack so you can do 5k after work".  And suddenly I can. "Fernando Alonso can do a gentle jog with cracked ribs so you can finish this interval." All right, all right! I get it.

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Fernando Alonso (@fernandoalo_oficial) am

For me it is a reminder that the body can do much more, so my little thing is easy. Suddenly it is easier.


DO IT! Trust me on this!

It's just five to ten minutes after your jog and your muscles are going to love you for it. I made the mistake of thinking "meh, what can happen if I skip it" and then ended up skipping it too often. Now this leads to problems when I jog a longer time because my poor muscles are too tense. While it is getting better - stretching again - I still have regrets ...

So, try to touch those feeties with your fingers after jogging!

and done
Now you're prepared with small tips when it comes to jogging. I hope you can make it through many, MANY kilometers!


  1. Jogging is such good exercise but I struggle so much! I definitely need to try it again!

  2. I have never been jogging in my life but I live on the coast so I really need to get into it, your motivation is really interesting though. I used the same frame of mind to get out of bed, people can run marathons on a bust ankle, you can stand up 😂 Great post xoxo

    1. I ended up in a giggle fit after reading this comment, but yes, that's the way to go ;) and I am bit envious that you live on the coast

  3. This post really got me motivated, if only I have a decent park or place to jog around. And I start slow as well if I ever go for a jog, because if I just go fast, I'd have a cramp - even after stretching. Anyway, great post, Susanne! x Ain

  4. This is such a useful post - I think people underestimate the starting slow and expect immediate results and amazing stamina straight away. I certainly used to feel disheartened before but I've come to realise it's all about consistency and preparing right - with stretches like you recommend haha. Thanks for sharing! x

    1. Thank you. And yes, it takes a long time until you see proper results, so I tend to set myself small goals and then suddenly realize "hey, I got better :o"

  5. These tips are right on! They make me miss my jogging days...sadly, a knee injury put a stop to them! But I ALWAYS listened to music when I used to run. It helped me keep up my intended pace and just made me feel good about pushing myself!


    1. Thank you, and at the same time: oh no, I am sorry about your knee :(


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