Blogging Is More Than ''Just'' Writing

Before I started this challenge I had to sit down and think about what I would count as writing. Back in the olde days I leaned far more on the fictional side of writing. Hence the answer seemed obvious: writing and editing the story. Then maybe re-reading it before uploading it or leaving it in a dusty folder until the end of time.

However, - yes, there is a however - as time went on my priorities shifted. Nowadays blogging takes up the lion's share: This month I am trying to get seven blog posts published - the long term goal is blogging twice a week, but I am taking things slow to see how it works out. At the same time I run a wee motoring tribe which is updated once a week. This means that by the end of the week I have write up to two to three posts.

And yet, it doesn't end with writing or editing these posts. That is the easy part. There is so much more to blogging than just writing:

At first I have to come up with an idea. This might sound easy, but in reality it can be surprisingly hard to "just write about anything." Not only that, you also need to consider how to shape the blog post. Sometimes it takes a few minutes, and at bad times it can take hours until something slightly appealing goes from my brain and leaves via my fingertips. "Hours" isn't even a hyperbole here.

After writing and editing we must turn our attention towards the pictures. Nowadays people won't read anything that doesn't have a title image - in fact, DriveTribe doesn't even allow you to post an article without one. Then you need splash some in between for good measure. They must be perfect as well!

A sensible image
Don't even get me started what happens if you can't take the photo yourself. After all not everyone has a good collection of beach photos. You need to go out and hunt for images while working out the license and conditions under which you are allowed to use them ...

Fancy image: check. Fancy text: check. Breathe in: check. Breath out: check. The post is finished! Wait ... how are people going to know about what you did?

This means that you need to start plugging your blog. This turns out to be more tricky than expected: I can't work my way around how Facebook even works, I tired and I don't even like the place. On Twitter you need to be careful when you post, since tweets are short lived. Then you need to work out how you're going to make people click on the link in 280 signs!

Of course, it's even better if you have a following. The more people already follow you, the likelier rookie readers are to click "follow" as well. First you need to find those people to begin with, so time to take part in blogger chats and finding people with common interests.

At the beginning, I felt more than a bit lost. Add to this that people tend not to follow a blog that consists of only blog plugs. So you need to work out how to shape your online presence, how much you can ramble on about motorsport before people are going to turn away. Are you going to be funny? Will you talk about political topics? If so, which?

What I find weird about all of this is ... that I love it! I don't mind that this is time consuming. I love figuring out how Instagram can be used and taking part in blogger chats. I love sharing silly things from my day and pretty pictures.

Blogging is by miles more than simply putting a few words together and posting it. Non-bloggers should realize this as well.


  1. It really helps to see that other bloggers worry about these things as well - makes me feel like I'm not alone with these things!
    Back when I had a wee book reviewing blog, I just shared the link in my Goodreads review and happily looked at my blog all by myself. Now that I'm actively trying to make my blog work, these things suddenly all seem so hard! Especially plugging. But you're right. It can be fun too!

    PS: It's also interesting to see your change in writing habits. Would be fun to check back in a few months or so and see if the trend continues!

    1. I am glad that it helped you, and I think almost every blogger is familiar with this.

      P.S.: that sounds like a good idea, I might actually do that


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