When Your Car Becomes Your Friend

Today is Odometer Day - that's the thing that counts the kilometers or miles in your car. It tells you how much your faithful wheels have turned already.

I thought the best way to honour the number of kilometers my little Ibiza chewed up is to remember the good times. Since I took possession of my Little Mite ...

▪️ I have spent roughly 18.050 minutes in the car
▪️ I have sung myself through 4.507 of those
▪️ I have driven a rough 2.000 km in the dark
▪️ and ended up killing one rabbit.
▪️ However, two years later I had an emergency stop for another rabbit. I ended up saving its life.
▪️ Before delivery The Devil's Insect was immortalized in the front headlamp.
▪️ I took my driving test in this car and we passed.
▪️ I had one serious accident with a bus - who was at fault
▪️ We overtook four horses
▪️ and a smug bastard in a Porsche who thought he would get away faster.
▪️ We also raced seven trains
that was a fast one
▪️ My car was recalled twice 
▪️ I never had to open the bonnet - unless I wanted to ogle at the engine
▪️ Approximately 70 sneezes left my body while I was in the car
▪️ Meanwhile, I only broke wind 10 times 
▪️ Five apples were consumed in my car 
▪️ My car betrayed me only once when I hit my knee on the dashboard while getting out
▪️ Another time I somehow managed to sprain my finger while turning the wheel
▪️ I drove over 8 dark green traffic lights
▪️ We were never fined for anything.
▪️ We slipped on ice twice - both time without consequence 
▪️ I was kissed in my car one time
▪️ I cried in it three times - one out of joy, two out of pain
▪️ We had two short road trips
▪️ We explored about 250 km of gravel road together
▪️ We found one goat park
▪️ Over the years I can assume that my car stored more than 90 parking tickets
▪️ At the moment it stores two
▪️ In 2013 a Gecko of Good Fortune was added to protect us from accidents and getting lost
It also holds my newest parking ticket
▪️ Since March 2017 The Camp Unicorn protects the car from getting stolen
▪️ Currently I am on a Grand Slam of fuel economy without driving economical.
▪️ We're at 468,9 km on a more than half full tank.
▪️ The fastest I have driven my car was 142 km/h
▪️ My car has driven 24.035 kilometers since birth
▪️ and all of those without fault.
▪️ My Little Mite is a part of my family.

There is a bright future ahead, I want to explore more gravel roads, drive to different places to hike or jog there. Then I am planning a quite ambitious road trip and it looks like I have a chance to do it.

This is what people who hate the car don't understand: The car opens the whole world for you. It is a world full of adventure, emotion, and friendship.



  1. THIS. All of this is so true! I have so many memories and emotions attached to my car. It went to live with my parents for two years when I left LA for Chicago, and I sobbed as it drove away. Cars are so much more than just a way to get around!


    1. I can relate. I am already teary eyed when I think about selling my car ­čĺö


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