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My Travel Bucket List

Is there anything better than travelling? You get to leave all mundane tasks behind, every single day is a new adventure, you learn new things, meet different people, and try new aspects of life. Never eaten a Currywurst before? Now you have the chance. There is a whole world to discover and explore: a world full of adventure.

I tend to not make bucket lists because often your opinions changes. A task that has been of the utmost importance in January can become utterly redundant by November, so how could I even have the cheek to plan for a lifetime?

However, I have a friend who has yearned to go to Japan since her 12th birthday. This month she's been there. This made me wonder ... what places would I love to go? What are the things I want to see before I lie six feet under?


"What's so interesting about that?" You may ask.

Yes, it is pretty. Yes, there is culture. Yes, there is a lot of beautiful art. However, none of those very valid reason drive me to this place. There are a bonus.

After having spent my spring holiday in Bratislava, hence forcing myself to wear leggings under my jeans I decided that next spring I am going to a warm place. Or warmer place: Spain. It didn't take long for my memory to resurface and remind me that there is a cat café in Barcelona as well. Furthermore, Spanish is one of the languages I technically know but never really get to use.

¡Victoria, victoria, victora!

#German Road Trip

The thing that amazes me about the car is that with a rather simple tool, all the of the world becomes available to you. You could drive to India if you fancied it. You could drive to Russia. Anywhere! And yet, we mostly use the car to drive to work and back again, which is why road trips exist.

One day, I want to drive through all of Germany.

I know, ambitious. One evening I sat down and checked how long it would take me to drive to Stuttgart. Then I realized that München would be on the way. Also Frankfurt is suspiciously close to Stuttgart.

I had already moved up North this way, so why not head for Düsseldorf where another friend lives and very soon I had a lengthy trip that covered all - not you Hamburg -  mayor German cities. It would be a clockwise circle through Germany, always staying one or two nights in a city, exploring it and meeting the people I love who live there.

If that isn't what a car and a road trip is here for, what is?

#Grands Prix

Since years I have been fighting the urge to buy insanely expensive tickets for any F1 race in Spielberg. I always think of it too late, and then they're hyper expensive. When I think about it too early, I tend to fall out of chair due to shock. It is well known that even the cheap tickets can be expensive. And yet ...

To take it a step further, I realized that what I wanted to do was watch each race on the calendar.

Flickr/mediagamut [edited]
I am aware that they change - Hockenheim, Brazil - and given that I won't have the time or the money to do this in one year it is going to be a tricky one. It is easy to add race tracks, but if they deduct one?

It is not only the F1 aspect. But what other and easy way is there to find about 20 travel suggestions? This would be to give it a go, to try something new and completely different. Would I have ever considered going to Bahrain? Not really, since I am still not sure if it's a country or a town. Even if the place is a let down there is still a race to watch.

This is the most ambitious and lengthiest bucket on my list. I like to think that we all have one. And that everyone has this sense of adventure in them. It could be just their own country, it could be the whole world, it could be to cross the ocean in a sailing boat.

And why not? It is something to look forward to. Maybe - most likely - I won't be able to visit all grands prix or drive through all of Germany, but the spark is there.


  1. Great post, I love seeing where other people want to travel to! I'm dying to see Barcelona as well!

  2. Wow, this sounds very ambitious! I'm not necessarily one for a lot of travel, but I hope that you have fun in completing your list :D

    1. I know! But a bucket list has to be ambitious in my mind ;)

  3. These all sound amazing! A German road trip is such a great idea. I've always wanted to rent an awesome car and drive the autobahn, and I'd also love to try out the German I know in real life. Hope you get to an F1 race someday, so we can all read about it!


    1. Thank you! And when I visit a F1 race, I am sure everyone will know about it ... it'll be the only thing I talk about for years :p

  4. I would love to visit Barcelona as well. Spain is one of the only countries I have ever visited but I loved it.

    1. I've never visited Spain before, but from the pictures and Spaniards I know it's an amazing place ♥


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