The Lipstick That Makes Me Feel Like I Rule The World

Every once in a while, I like to go through my make-up bag and try out new things. Usually on Fridays, after a shower and with enough time left to experiment. I try to wing the eyeliner differently. I experiment how it looks if I use a metallic grey near the nose and then follows a transition into black. I try different eye-shadow styles or a watered down version of Halsey's make-up in Ghost - which is unbelievably pretty!

However, I have never tried lipstick before. I use stuff to stop them from drying out and try not to chew my lips off. But other than that ... I think it was because a small part of my mind whispered that it would be too "girly." Fact remains that I am not particularly girly. Maryia and I often joke that if we'd run a fashion blog we'd call it The Sloppy Beauty, with a subsection for Uneven Eyeliner And Proud! So, pink lipstick did not look appealing to my humble eyes which still had smudged eyeliner on them.

Then one night, I sat down and decided to watch the already mentioned Ghost video. In it Halsey wears dark lipstick and she looks absolutely stunning, fierce and strong - at the same time with a I Don't Give A Toss What Muppets Say attitude surrounding her.

getting make-up inspiration form Halsey
Suddenly I had a brainwave: Make-Up is supposed to go along with your person. You can't suddenly go all pink and girly and still feel comfortable if that's not you. Dark and strong lipstick might just be want I wanted.

After looking around the shop I decided on two: a brighter red one and a darker with a purple touch. They're both from essence, hence reasonable priced - I paid 2,65€ at dm for each.

I have the rule of thumb that I use the red one more at work than the darker one. It is a touch more subtle, and you can up your "top tier make-up skillz."

essence - No. 21 Très Chic
The purple shade is more "me" though. It is for when I want to look pretty with a touch of controversial. When I want to feel like "a bad bitch." and enjoy it.

essence - No. 27 Mystic Violet

This is why I love both of these lipsticks. Neither is a classic one. Both make me feel not just pretty but also independent, strong, bad-arse, and a tad smug.


  1. I love this colour!
    - <3

    1. I adore it too. Still in love with this lipstick 😍


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