The Invisible Cat

Every night the brave cat leaves the house, and defends his ground in the garden. Or possibly, he simply does his little pile of brown, and then sits in front of the door waiting to be let back inside. There is some evidence to suggest that, like that his paws are clean most of the time or that he is always there when you open the door.

Other nights, it is relatively easy to tell because he doesn't even leave the house. So the cat snuggles up near my feet, warming them and hissing if I accidentally touch him. He licks his paws, curls up and starts to snore. Much like me.

Sir Cat is not a very tight sleeper, and by 4AM he decided that watching me drool onto my pillow is not the most exciting thing he can do. Hence he wakes me up to be let back outside.

Over the years he has developed various ways to do so. He started with the classical "meow?" This was quickly replaced by "brrp?" which turned louder and louder until you woke up. It can be shockingly loud. Sometimes he decides to scratch the cupboard's door, this sound has been burned into my brain and I wake up within moments knowing he wants to go outside. Also it is more quiet than "brrp?!" Very rarely he purrs me out of sleep.

The other night, I heard this "brrp?"

So I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, and let a small yawn escape my body. Better to get this over with asap. Then I could cuddle back into bed, and kiss my pillow goodnight once more. Like a true sleep-walker, I used my phone as a flash light.

I moved my body out of the bedroom, shining the bright light into the first corner ... no cat. Hmm, maybe he's already waiting near the door. So I went there, checking one of his other favourite spots. Nothing.

Slowly I began to worry. What if I am going crazy? What if my brother had let the cat outside an hour ago, and I am imagining things? Could this be it? Is this how my mental state is going to end? By imagining cats? Admittedly there are worse ways to go insane.

Then a thought dawned on me: maybe Sir Cat is thinking that I am going to feed him at the ungodly hour. He has the ego, he is royalty after all. So I dragged myself into the kitchen. Empty.

He had to be somewhere?! After all I had heard him. I seriously started to think that I had imagined it. Or maybe, my cat has become invisible ... that would be the day. He could abuse this powers until the end of time, emit a small purr there and then be at a completely different place all together. He'd pretend that he has gone outside, when in reality he would pee into the shower. It was going to be the ending of this household.

Either I was going insane, which is a possibility or my cat is invisible - equally possible.

I flopped back into my bed when I suddenly heard "meow???!" coming from a corner. What?! Was that my cat?! Had he been in my bedroom the whole time?!

Again, I reached for my professional light and there he was, looking at me with wide eyes and then blinking slowly. I rolled my eyes, I hadn't gone insane, and he hasn't become invisible - yet.

No, instead he had snuggled up to me and made "brrp" because he wanted to have late night cuddles. Because I may have placed my hand on his tail, I decided that he could have them. And purr he did.

All is well


  1. This is such a cute post and makes me want a cat more and more!! xox

    1. Awwn, thank you. And do it! Get all the cats in the world.


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