An Ode To The Bravest Hard Drive

The 3rd of March, 2017 marks the death of something very special: my laptop's hard drive.
To honour its four year existence I decided to compose an ode in its honour.

The hero

Brave little hard-drive
500 gigabit of storage hive
The heart of the machine
making things appear on the screen

Actually that was the graphics card
but you were its lifeguard
Saving drivers and files
and pictures that would stretch for miles

The things you survived were endless
through accidental doublets and formatting
and tireless virus combatting
you only offered friendliness

While I was filled with concerns
you were taking your final turns
Sounding the clicking of doom
your bravery in full bloom

Instead of resting
all your energy was investing
While I saved all files needed
your bravery exceeded

Then I shut you down
I turned you back on with a frown
It had been your last deed
This was your end indeed

I sat in the dark room
and saw the Blue Screen of Doom
My heart was broken
Your bravery will never be forgotten

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