My Motivation In Winter: Getting More Crisps

The snow is silently falling down the sky while you sit on front of the fire drinking a cup of tea. It rests on the blades of grass, snuggling together to create a white wonderland. Then it  creates slippery surfaces for ice skating and, well, slipping on.

Winter is a time of the year that I am very critical of: Here I am at the train station, not able to sit down on the bench because it is metal. This means I'd freeze a vital body part off. Then I wear a fluffy scarf to keep warm while quietly wondering where global warming is when you really need it ... Just like the temperatures, my motivation also slips into a new low.

Natuarally, I blame this on winter - everyone should. I barely dare to leave the house because that means walking out into the cold, facing the frost, the cold wind, having to consider how many mitten and hats I need. I would have to wear a heavy coat and thick shoes, and yet, I still have to endure cold feet! In the last two months, I have not moved a single toe near the jogging shoes because it would force me to face all the above mentioned misery. I would breathe the razor sharp air into my fragile lungs. Eventually they'd freeze and I'd fall over.

Maybe it wouldn't be this dramatic ...  but the other day a couple of friends invited me to go out with them. "Wonderful," I said. At least until they wrote a text message saying "we'll meet at 11PM." Suddenly, I developed a twitch. 11PM? At 11PM I'd rather curl up in bed, with my sleepy tea after watching many funny episodes. I'd be safely hidden under many blankets.

Sarah's Scribbles
In winter I automatically turn into an old lady. I don't want to leave the house, I can hardly bring myself to leave the warm and fluffy bed. Pretty much the only motivation I have is to get more crisps from the shops.

Naturally, you'd expect a thrilling conclusion that if you don't leave the house packed in hundred layers you are going to miss out on many adventures. The great big world awaits you, millions of squaremiles want to be explored. What are you doing there sitting in bed and being comfortable?

That's as maybe, but let me put it this way: there are people who travel to the magnetic North Pole. That's a great adventure with which you can entertain generations. BUT do you want to do that yourself? Really? After all you'd be cold, miserable, jet-lacked, and might be tempted to kill your best friends.

I rest my case.

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