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Looking Back On January:
Luck Doesn't Come To Those Who Wait

Every hopeless soul who decided to make New Year's Resolutions checks up on them by the end of January. Then, probably, never again. I am no different ...

January was a weird month. I started it by thinking that I am not suddenly going to change the world, be filled with energy and ready to take on whatever the world would throw at me. On the 1st this belief was justified as I laid there, sleep deprived, hardly able to count to ten in Spanish. However, after I had cured my mild hangover, something odd happened ... By the end of 2016 I had been directionless, wandering around like a confused bumble bee carrying a flower. But with 2017 looming in the sky I had something to work towards. Suddenly, I WAS filled with energy to kick arses and change the world!

So far I am even on track with most of the long term goals: this wee blog reached it's averages clicks per post. It even crawled a little over it. To my own surprise a new post made it into the Most Popular over night, and it seems that it has every intention to stay there. Very keen readers will have noticed a small number of small changes. You are right.

Of course, January wasn't all roses: sometimes I would fall into a deep, dark hole. It felt bottomless and suddenly all directions were lost. So either I could spend the rest of day lying in bed, wondering where this meaningless and empty life is going ... oh poor me. OR I could pick myself up and use this as motivation. I used the sadness which over-came me one day to write a sad part of a story that needed to be written anyway. Recently I re-read it and, oh boy, it works.

Despite this, I feel like the beginning of 2017 is spoiling me: my reading challenge is on track, so is my twitter growing plan as well. I even managed to reach 20 hours of writing in only 10 days - more of that later. I've been publishing regularly on the blog and the motoring tribe. Thanks to a huge stroke of luck, my tribe might over-shoot its target once more. My fitness routine is going so well, that I am considering changing "do sports once a week" - yes, I know - into twice a week. Baby steps, but getting there.

But it wasn't luck, or fate: I made sure that I posted regular content, dreamed up titles, and stayed on top of my to do list. I remember a whole afternoon that I spent cursing about-pages - dreadful, dreadful things! I was the person who stretched her leg above her shoulder while doing yoga after 10 hours of work. Thanks to that I am heading into February brimmed with optimism and enthusiasm. Now I have to do sports twice a week, and I decided to do a photo-challenge on Instagram.

If you are reading this while side-eyeing your half ticked to do list now ... don't disappear. Take small steps and start in February. Remember that luck doesn't come to you unless you have worked hard for it beforehand.

If that is of no help: the other night I slept with my thermos bottle penguin on my tummy. The next morning, I discovered that I had burned my skin. Now there are two red spots on my skin which are not only easily irritable but are also paw-shaped. Since that happened after 4 AM I can and will blame it on February.

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