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New Year, New Chances

Making New Year's resolutions is still a novel to me. After all you can't know if by the end of the year this is still a relevant goal to reach. In 2015 - and I can only assume after consuming a fair amount of wine - I had dreamed up resolutions for 2016. Imagine the dread I felt when I dug out my old diary to see if I had kept them.

My fingers were shaking, small beats of sweat formed on my forehead as I flicked through the pages. I took a deep breath, the correct date edging closer and closer ... oh.

As it turns out my goals for 2016 had been quite simple. I won't bore you with all of them. One was to get a job - tick. Another was to update my motorbike license; I blame the government for this, in short for two years you are only allowed to drive a Honda. Then you can "update" by taking further lessons so the Ducati is within reach. No tick there, because in the two weeks when the weather was jolly I couldn't be bothered. And yet, I have taken the task with me into this year again. Even though I know it's more likely that I am going to tick "Road Trip" instead.

I constantly hear people complain when they didn't reach a goals, that they failed yet again, oh my life is over. No, it isn't. You simply have another go. I won't pretend for a moment that a new year means a new start. After all you still carry the same baggage around. However, your countdown is set back again. Since life changes - people divorce, find new jobs, move, lose jobs, get accepted as tribe leaders - had to get that in there -, find new friends while other people slowly drift out of their lives - some of your resolutions are not relevant any more after 365 days filled with twists and turns.

Here we were hoping that 2017 is going to be the nice grandparent who always gives you cookies. In a moment of utter optimism brought on by Rosé you set yourself new goals, and make bold claims. You endorse the spirit which you plan on carrying on through the next 365 days. My spirit is the Brooklyn Nine Nine Miracle and now let me explain: two weeks ago I had finished season one, which I had bought for a dizzying 34€. Season two had the same prize so I was shy to buy it just yet. Yesterday while lying in bed and considering if I should buy it now, or keep wondering why elephants can't jump, I noticed that the prize had been lowered to 10€. A victory for me and a phenomenal start into the new year!

I hope you had a happy new year with only small emotional breakdowns - as you do - and that you are going to be the amazement which you deserve in life!


  1. Amazing post! I totally agree with you that even if you didn't achieved your last years goals you can definitely try and achieve them in the new year. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  2. Totally agree with you.Lovely post with nice ideas ♡


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