Drawing A Car? Easy, Just Add Circles To A Box

I sat down, ready to be a productive human being. But then Sir Cat decided that my lap was good for sitting on. This meant that I was pinned down, and the drawing tablet which I needed to make beautiful ART was nowhere near me. If I tried to move in the slightest, the cat purred louder to make me feel guilty. Even my cat poetry couldn't motivate him to curl up on the bed instead.

There is a cat on my lap
But no drawing tab
I'll keep petting the cat
pat pat
- Susanne, finest poetrist 

I had to admit defeat, and decided to draw in the old fashioned way: with a pencil and paper. Ever since the third The Grand Tour episode became available, I had felt a small urge to draw the orange Aston Martin DB11. I just need to draw a box and add some circles to it. Easiest thing in the world. After all I am the mistress of the average stick-figure; an Aston is no challenge.

Pencil sharpened and paper on the desk I began with a circle - this would become a wheel. Then I added another circle on the same line. The distance was just, especially since I had measured it on my reference picture. Then make sure that the wheels are round and not a weird lasso. Add a body, some wing mirrors, a roof and the car's buttock. Easy!

Each part was a masterpiece ... but only individually. When I sat back, no longer petting my cat with my elbow, I noticed that it was sort of squished:

Impossible! Perfection can't be squished. Sadly the original car wasn't squished either. I couldn't even think of the car accident that would cause the Aston to end up looking like that. So, like any brave artist, I had to get the rubber. Erm, the one that errases mistakes, not the one that prevents mistakes from happening.

I realized that I needed a longer wheelbase. Nothing to worry about, after all no first try is perfect: no first sketch, no first piece of writing, no first handstand, no first child. They all need improvement. I simply need to put the wheels further apart and automatically the roof would come down. It was going to be cheerful and as beautiful as it deserved to be. Once more I leaned back, so my cat would stop playing with the dangling bit of my hoodie. Sadly the car looked as tragic as I felt:

Time to use the rubber. I moved the wheel, shortened the wheelbase. After a few more strokes, a bottle of vodka, and a desperate plea to my cat to stop crawling my knee to death, I had the best version that I could manage:

I have to admit that I felt a little bit proud. Yes, it still doesn't look like an Aston Martin DB11. But you could look at it without your eyes falling out.

I write "could" because half an hour later I decided to colour it. This was the time and place to test the new pencils a friend gifted to me. I won't show you the result, because for reading you need eye-sight, and I am afraid you are going to lose it would you see what I did ...

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