A Bottle Of Wine After Crossing The Desert

Task above task piled on top of each other, To-Do lists that are getting longer and longer, and events that nobody would look forward to - that was the lookout for this week. Hiding under a blanket and pretending that the world was a pink cotton ball while eating strawberry chocolate seemed appropriate. Sadly, this is not the adult way to deal with things, and so I had to get out from under the blankets. 

I spent my Monday planning the week. Predictably this was overthrown an hour afterwards. All while becoming a skillful actress and pretending that my back had not broken into two. After all it is perfectly normal to feel a sharp pain between the shoulders, right?
At least the following week would be easier: not so many tasks piled on top of each other and the To-Do List would be shortened by a bit. Things would get better. At least I thought so until an hour later when I was told to take my co-worker's shifts as well. She had fallen ill.

With that knowledge in the back of my head I spent the next few days running around at work, falling over chairs, running into doors, boiling my fingers on coffee, and, of course, shouting at copy machines. A typical working day, right? After 12 hours in transit, I returned home with four celebratory cupcakes and a small candle. You may ask yourself, why celebratory cupcakes? Knowing this blog, you might think that cupcakes in itself are a reason to celebrate - they are - but in this case it was my birthday. I had managed another journey around the sun.

Instead of spending the day drunk, in the club while throwing my bra at superstars, I fell into bed and slept, having toothy nightmares about the dentist. This was only fair because on Thursday I had to go to the dentist. Nobody likes going to the dentist and lie about flossing. 

Then finally Friday arrived. The last day of the week. The end was near! On top of that this Friday was special because after almost one and half years Clarkson, Hammond, and May have returned to our screens ... well, to an amazon near you. Or - depending on circumstance - a torrent near you.

My love for these three middle-aged men knows no bounds. They make me laugh, think, roll my eyes, laugh about the reason I rolled my eyes, and still manage to inspire me. I could go on for days. Often people don't understand this, why would I love a silly car show when they constantly have - let's face it - negative headlines. And yet, it was the highlight of my week. 

Here was a week that looked boring on Monday at 7 AM but as it progressed only became crappier by the minute. So the first thing I did on Friday was go on amazon. Since I am not rich enough to afford retail therapy, I turned to ma Prime instead. I watched them drive about in three astonishing cars, make jokes about May getting the slowest speeding ticket in history and have very constructive arguments by taking their shoes off. 

Afterwards, I had a snack, went for a poo, and got into my car ready for the night shift. I powered through it and when I came back home I watched the episode again. Why shouldn't I? 

You see, what used to be Top Gear aired on Sunday. It felt like the last meal before starting a crappy week. Now the boys are back on Friday. This is the equivalent of crossing the desert in five days while fighting off evil snakes and almost eating your own arm. Then you reach the end and find a soothing glass of water and a bottle of your favourite wine waiting for you. 

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