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Battle Procrastination And ... Oh, Look, A Pretty Flower

I woke up, blinked the sleep out of my eyes, petted the cat, had breakfast and took a nice cup of coffee with me to my desk. I was ready to take the day on! Yes!
There had been days with far more tasks ahead of me, and even though it would be a somewhat busy day, it wouldn't be horrible. I took a sip from my cup, full of motivation and then ... I don't know how it happened but I ended up taking CarThrottle's quiz on which engine would be best for me. This was highly important! Even none petrol heads can see that. Right?

Sometimes, even I worry myself with this. I know that some things have to be done. However, everything on my to-do list was something that I enjoy. And yet, ten minutes later I found myself drawing stickmen art for a friend who was waiting for the doctor. Then again, a friend in need, is important indeed. And thinking about a pun, is fun.

ARRRRG! I was supposed to write a blog post about friendship. That can't be hard, right? Just think about 500 - 700 words who I consider friends, why, what's important for me, add a few jokes. It should be easy, and yet, what I was doing instead is cleaning my nails with a pocketknife.

There must be a way out of this completely distracting world full of DIY YouTube videos, online shops, Google Earths, To Which Car Does This Headlamp Belong Quizzes, and funny cat videos!

Actually the best way to break free from procrastination is by setting yourself a deadline! 
If you never figure out when you need to get this thing done you will forever and always try to learn how to land an Airbus through YouTube videos. If it's a big task, break it into many small deadlines. Say if you write a long story, you simply split it into chapters and those into pages.
Now look at that, suddenly you don't have to write a 300 page story in one day. Isn't that glorious?

To help you keep track of this you might need a calendar. Luckily those can be bought online. This way you won't get distracted by this really pretty flower growing next to the shop. Also post-its save lives, even if they come hedgehog form.

Furthermore, a stern friend who pokes you in the back every hour to make sure if you're still working, is also a life saviour.

The other thing that saves lives is ... oh, never mind that, I just found this really great video about the McLaren P1. If you'll excuse me.

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