A Big Gift For A Small Blog

A long, long time ago someone very tall decided that what I needed the most in my life was a package that was as unnecessary as her height. I loved it! 
It was personal, filled with things that I like, something for my cat, and a used stuffed owl with a name I thought unpronounceable until very recently. Mind you, I still don't know how to pronounce Euston, I say Houston and hope that people get the idea.

While I gave the unpronounceable owl Gautam a new home I wondered what would be the best way to thank this tall person. I decided that I should write a fictional story from fans for fans for her. Or in short: fanfiction, a fic, some fluff. 

I spent hours on it, gave it an art-y touch, and some nudges from our friendship, for example one time I coloured a night sky. I chose that black with purple highlights was perfect and would look pretty. A said it's pretty but not how a sky works. So I decided to add this hint into the story. It's a touch of the familiar in the pile of fluff. For once in my life I am not talking about my cat. 
I posted it, and inconspicuously told her to check her mails on this particular day. She was happy. I was happy. I had said thank you for her care pack. All was well. She gave me a random gift. I gave her a random gift. All the debts had been paid, we were equal again. Well done me!

Then disaster, because this tall person decided that she needed to thank me for my thank you. So  she crept onto Skype to ask me if I she could draw a thing for me. 
Well, I kinda always wanted a social media header for this blog. Something with a car and flowers but not actually a car with flowers. That's just a bad idea, even I know that. A few hours later it looked like I had commissioned her to do art for me. Oh God, why couldn't I ask of certain people cuddling. Or be the better human being of the two of us and say "no, no, it was my pleasure!" 

Because the header is really good. I like it. I adore it. I love it! I am going to use it. I will forever remember the hours we spent discussing the appropriate amount of flowers. Now, I feel obliged to do something for her in return: A thank you for a thank you of a thank you! 

The artistic magnificence 
I got a few nice presents for when she comes to Vienna. I thought we'd both exchange birthday gifts there, since our birthdays are quite close to each other. But then fate struck again and A had to hint  that she "might" bring another care package to Vienna. And ... 

If you excuse me, I am on amazon, trying to find a very rare brush or something owl shaped ... 

Side-Note: Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am not worthy of your tall presence. 


  1. Care packages aren't gifts. They're for caring :). So your balance is good ♡.

    1. and now you're the better human being by saying that ♥


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