Sometimes Life Gets in The Way

1000 Hours of Writing: Hours 60 - 80 

When I finished the last post about the 1000 Hours I had been full of motivation, brimmed with energy to finish my military AU by November. I even put it on my monthly to do list. I expected to sit down at least an hour per day, type a few words and TADA it's done. Yes? Ha ha. Nooooo. In fact this post isn't late, I am late. It took me - checking the calculator quickly - 22 days for 20 hours. This means I didn't even manage an hour per day.

Am I the only one who wants to swat herself over the back of her head from time to time? Because that's a very dominate urge right now. I had promised myself that the story would be laid out and with my poor beta by the end of this month. It is mid-October and with all the will in the world I won't manage it.

The reason why these hours took so long is surprisingly simple: I happen to have responsibilities.

an inky picture
I am one of many many people in this world who love to write, but very often life gets in the way. Going through my calendar, I find to-do lists over to-do lists. Some of them are self-created. For example I chose to do part-time Inktober, meaning one inky picture per week. Despite all things, making art, even if it's my ART can be very time consuming.

Then my fuck-long project was nearing its end, which means as always that I was panicking, and decided that the best way to deal with that was spend 12 hours of my life ... making a fanvideo. But people love it, so that's okay.

On top of that, I had tasks which I couldn't avoid because I didn't give them to me. In two weeks of the 22 days I took extra shifts. Then I had to prepare things for my tribe, but as we learnt before I write posts very quickly! The majority for this involved dreaming up a name, and laughing because they really like to use all of autumn. (Technically it still launches in autumn) Laughter was cut short because on Wednesday as it turned out I was a few posts short, and now I have to cram that into my calendar until November (nope, not for you yet, I get an advantage). So where the hell can I possibly cram in my military AU?

I wrote what I had to write, a bit of fun in between, and somehow the 20 hours were there. So that's it. You don't always have time to write, which is sad, but it's not the end of the world. Furthermore by chance I got the whole last week of October off, and guess what? :)

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  1. As long as you keep going... I love your writing :).

    1. Thank you so much, I may have shed a tiny tear :*


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