Sadly I Will Single-Handedly Ruin Amazon ... With Photos

Earlier this year I mentioned that I have a big problem when it comes to photos. So I promised myself that I would delete all the rubbish ones. This way they would hold no meaning, and my phone would be full of only pretty things.

Now half a year has passed and half the phone's storage is already filled with sky photos, cat photos, photos of plants, and a few pathetic excuses of selfies. What is there to be done? Being wise and mature, I knew that even my phone's storage is finite, and so is my laptop's. Then I got the neat little idea that I should get an external hard-drive just for photos. Every half a year, I would sit down, gently put the pictures in folders and keep them safe. This way I would not have to move folders when I re-install my laptop while biting my nails hoping I didn't forget that photo of that one car I spotted!

Something nagged at me: all my photos would stored at only one place. An external hard-drive, 1TB strong, and dumbed down a huge flash drive. We all know that the one thing flash drives are reliable in is that soon or later something is going to be faulty. If that happens to my hard-drive then everything would be lost. It would break my heart!

Luckily, as I pondered on the issue, an email from amazon arrived. Not the usual one telling me that an author of whom I had bought a book three years ago had written another. This time it had been titled "Changes for your Amazon-Drive saving rate." Joys of joy, it went ahead to tell me that since I subscribe to Amazon Prime, I can now store unlimited photos. There is something like infinite storage!

However, these people don't know what's coming towards them: Let's put it this way, in half a year I managed to fill half my phone's storage with photos of cats, sky, jogging shoes, and far and few in between Frankfurt. To put that in perspective: my phone's storage is 64GB. My Frankfurt photos alone are 1GB. Some of them very pretty, a beautiful piece from the Architectural Museum that blew me away.

And the next? Well, I got very excited when I held a Pfandflasche in my hands! Of course I took a photo of that, and I will be heartbroken should it ever get lost!

I shall move my Frankfurt folder onto the Endless Amazon Photo Cloud, and additionally onto my external hard-drive. The only problem is that, I am really not sure if Amazon thought this through ...

In the future they will be inundated with cat photos, sky photos, book photos, rescued hedgehog photos, crappy spotted cars photos, stupid Duolingo sentences, and, of course, funny conversation screenshots.

I shall treat them with care, I shall make tiny albums for "nature", "cat" and "cars." I shall be safe in the knowledge that for a wee fee of 50€ I can not only watch many things, read a book for free per month, listen to endless music, but also that all my photos shall be safe and loved. Possibly even enjoyed by the Amazon staff; who can tell, but I very much doubt it. I think they'd rather sit in tears wondering why the fuck I take so many cloud photos. "Can't you stop!?"

I think not.

Despite some dodgy articles here and there, I am starting to develop a soft spot for Amazon. It makes many clever shows, gives me lots of music, has my headphones in store when the local shop where I bought them first do not, and buying adult toys has never been so easy and least embarrassing. Its little fire tablet provided me with just what I needed during my holiday - I have taken a photo of that too. I can buy pretty much everything, and it had an owl bag, which is something I didn't realize that I needed in my life until I saw it.

It's sad, that now, I shall unintentional ruin it with too many my-cat-is-licking-his-anus photos ...


  1. I note that you mentioned neither roses nor teacups. So your subject matter has changed!

    1. Due to lack of sassy and classy teacups in my life :(


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