Friends Are For Kicking You In The Butt

Sunday last week I decided that I should apply for DriveTribe. It's not a secret that I love writing about cars, and about the daily but rather stupid adventures one can have in them. However,  ever since I give my blog a little more thought I realized that for complex reasons that despite the name floralcars is not the place for car love. So, a motoring platform where everything motoring under the sun would live ... I could write there, correct?
I should at least try because by the end of the day I would know if they want me or not. Then I would not live with the regret well, maybe they would have but I am a human chicken. 

A rough sketch to sum up my tribe's idea
So I set out to look up the requirements. Everything sounded doable but at the same time I got scared:

What if they wouldn't like my writing? What if it is total shit? If I were a better writer I would have more readers, right? The last time I checked I had a horrible spelling and English isn't even my native language. Worse: I take a lot of comfort in writing. and I love playing with words and with my readers through those words. When they decline would it ruin my comfort zone?

In the end, I may have hid under the blanket and ready to clean up a serious amount of poo. 
I completely ignored reason, and The Dark Side of My Brain was having a field day. I forgot that good writing alone does not make a good blog; marketing plays a role, good timing and even luck. Spell checkers, and dictionaries are a thing in which I could look up words. There are other reasons because of which they could decline me, not just writing: maybe someone else already had the idea, maybe they don't like the idea but the writing is good. What's to stop me from writing even if they decline. J. K. Rowling's book had been declined by 12 publishers before she found one. 

Luckily, I have made about three friends in my life. And I had told one about my idea, and that I am currently sitting under a blanket. She was then kind enough to ... kick me in the butt. While I was - in my mind hopelessly - working on the 50 word summary for my tribe while petting the cat, A texted me: "I also expect you to not give up."

She gave me good feedback, always told me to do the next step. She did not even allow me to stop, instead she gave me deadlines! Even if I had truly wanted to give up along the way, she wouldn't have let me!

In the end, I looked at my applications and said "meh, I want to work on the tribe summary again." So I did.
Thanks to her The Dark Side of My Brain was locked in a cupboard and I was confident enough to know that I can do this.
Then I sent off my works, ready to face a verdict while my hand was held by A. Afterwards, I cleaned up the poo, but was glad that at the very least I gave it a try.

Four days later while I checked my mails two minutes before I had to leave the house, I spotted an email from DriveTribe. And credit's due where credit is due: They put into the subject what you can expect; so unlike right now, you don't have to read through long and twisted sentences while interpreting them. They very simply told me that I am a DriveTribe leader now.

Sometimes, all it takes is not a nudge, but a kick from a friend. Sometimes you will wallow around in pity, and wonder if you're good for anything. Then your friend comes to play: They know you - maybe or especially because they don't see your self-doubt - they know what you can do!

I am beyond grateful that A kicked me like that. But it doesn't end there: I am also grateful for my favourite Viennese who must be my biggest fan and reader of all times. I always thought she liked every tweet because she wants to be nice. However, since a while I have the sneaking suspicion that she is very enthusiastic about many things. And on top of that, I am really grateful for my small (or as I put it in the application: tightly knit) base who have encouraged me, sent nice comments and regularly read my words.

Rambling about cars, and converting cup-holders into bins takes place here on DriveTribe now

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