Small Actions Move The World

For a long time I used to believe that to inspire the world, and to have any sort of impact, I would have to move nations. I would have to solve Global Warming. I would need to make sure that world peace will be established, or maybe just save a baby out of burning wreckage. For this I would even endure holding one of those dreadful "babies."
I thought that had to be it: Some proper, amazing, beyond comparison act of kindness. This is what would inspire people, and leave an impact on this world.

However, this belief is as false as thinking that the Earth is flat.

This month I've finally finished publishing my long arse fanfiction. "Long arse" is accurate because 142,202 words counts as long arse. Especially when it comes to fiction. Here I was, proud of myself, thinking that a hand-full of people have enjoyed the nice ride, and left a comment once in a while - comments are what keep every author alive. 
On the same day I had published the last chapter someone crept shyly into my messages on twitter to thank me. At the first moment I was thrown off: Why would anyone thank me? 
But she explained that over the three month stretch in which I published my story, those rather simple chapters have helped her through a very stressful period of my life. 
To say the least, someone has managed the impossible, which is make me speechless. It was the good kind of speechlessness. After all those crappy 100 prompts started as a pastime to solider on through very boring lectures. Not even in my wildest dreams had I expected to come even close to this effect. 

Over the following days a few people commented on the story saying that they're proud that I have managed to write so much, and more importantly didn't stop halfway through. Then added how inspiring this was. I never really put much weight on those few sentences before.

But then I though more about it: My story is tiny in comparison to other things. It's not solving Global Warming after all. But if it can have the above mentioned effect, then why shouldn't it help people to pick up their pen and write again.  

My mother, who raised my brother and me single-handed, is an inspiration. She gave everything, and sacrificed so much to make sure that we would be well-educated, and ready to face almost everything thrown at us. Now I am grown-up and I am still convinced that would I sit crying with a broken ankle on a far away field that she would come and pick me up.
In fact, I have never realized this until one morning when I announced I'll go jogging for an hour, and she asked me to hold on for a minute. She still needs to turn her phone on. 

This is my mother's life, and me writing a story which happened to have any side-effect at all is my life. If you set out to inspire people, you will get nowhere. You need to solider on, and just live your life.
Moving through life while writing
The point I am making is that people don't need to act heroic. You don't need to create a grand gesture to change the world. Little things will do. A bad joke at right moment can save lives, it can make people laugh when they're in need of it.

Running a marathon? Yes. Just going jogging when you've got a knee that acts up? Yes. Are really passionate about something? Correct. Managed a hard situation with your brave face on? Also yes. Overcome someone's death? Of course. Just finished your degree? Yes. Or maybe life got in the way of things but you still find a way to follow what you love? You've guessed it. That's a yes. Simple things inspire people.

There are so many things that can inspire people. Small ripples change the world.
Now take a look at your past and think of the things you're proud of, I'll promise you, that so many people will be too.
They will know that if you could do it, they can at least try as well. 

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