Rose Aren't Blue, This Post Is for You

When one walks into my room they will notice many things. The dirt on what used to be a floor, a few models of cars and one of a motorcycle, that some of my books are neatly ordered but are stacked up on the floor. Then that my desk is suddenly clean and can be used - I feel very professional writing this blog post on my desk, but so did I the day before when I was professionally liking a cat video - and that, of course, the stuff that had occupied the desk is on the floor as well now.

But what jumps people in the eye is a rose. It mostly jumps people in the eye because it is the only plant that still lives. That might be related to the fact that it is made from plastic, but I am not sure. Anyway, it will last longer that I will. Of course I could tell the romantic story that this rose was given to me with the words of "it will last as long as our love lasts." Then you'd all go aww, and ooh, and how sweet, and other strange noises.

The rose was a gift from me, predictably. I said no such thing to myself when I bought it. If I think about it, my love to myself will last very long (hopefully). I still like my plastic rose because it is very pretty to look at. Of course, it will never die. Just like my plastic bonsai. 

The thing is I am the most unromantic romantic person. (Hyperbole for dramatic effect.) I am not a traditional romantic person. Candle light dinners, fancy dress and cinema trips with long walks afterwards are fine and good for getting to know people.
But defining that as endless romance is rubbish. At some point there will come a time when you're just exhausted, or don't want to slip into high-heels just so you can eat over-expensive food. 
On those days you'd wish for nothing more than your significant other to hand you a piece of chocolate and watch a 2 Broke Girls episode with you. Or whichever television show you prefer, I am liberal. 

A friend of mine recently got engaged and was disappointing how it went down. The Now-Fiance simple proposed to her during Christmas dinner with the family. She said yes, but was let down because she always imagined it differently. She wanted the romantic dinner, candle lights, and a slow dance.
People tend to differ, so either way would strike me as lazy. I would like a proposal that shows me that my significant other knows me. Even if that is something as daft as gifting me all Top Gear series and hiding a ring in the DVD shell of my favourite series. 

This brings me neatly to why I do not like Valentine's Day. For one, it feels far too forced for me. Why should I be romantic on only that one day? I can also be romantic on the other 350 or however many days a year has. 

Then it comes with a whiff of classical romance and courtship. I am just not this romantic, and surely not alone in that. The only pet name I can stand is "love" and none from the German language.
For me romance lies in the little things: that people can translate "you stupid potato" as "you've done something stupid that I find funny, but I am very fond of you." Not hugging someone to death because they're fond of their personal space. Leaving a little note when you're out to buy bread and then coming back with your partner's favourite drink ... 

The big things are fun and can be nice, but are not really romance. Romance - for me - has always been the small things which show that people care and love me.
So some people will go out and receive the biggest flower bouquet that can be found. I wish those a great time. Meanwhile, I will send to people that I care about a flower emoticon with the small message "for you." 

When someone asks me if I had a great Valentine's Day, I can say yes. Mostly because I am currently re-watch series 21 of Top Gear with someone I am a bit fond of.

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