A Simple Solution To Make Every Motorist's Life Easier

Not too long ago, a middle-aged motoring journalists who's last name is also a month has been asked by BBCBrit "What's the one thing missing from cars?"
Then followed the predictable reply that a bin is what's missing. For a minute he explained why a car should have a bin. There should be a standardizes plastic bag in which you throw all your expired parking tickets, sweet wrappers, coffee cups, old bill, and other stuff. I get that he hates crap flying around in the car. I do too, and who doesn't?
But while watching I just shook my head, sighed and thought "cup-holder, May, that's what you have a cup-holder for" - I may have said this out loud too.

I know, people will now go and say "no, cup-holders are for holding cups." but bear with me. My car has three cup-holders and an ashtray. The Qi has six cup-holders and is the seize of a shoe. You won't have that many cups with you, hence you may as well convert one of those cup-holders into a tiny bin.

Now I must  admit that I discovered this rather redeeming feature by accident. And mostly because I am not given to cleaning. My floor is only visible where you need to walk from bed to bathroom. All the rubbish that I had on the desk is on the floor now, and I can't be bothered to clean it. Yet, somewhere in the chaos is a system, because I know that in the pile in front of the window is the white jacket that wear when I go for a jog on chilly days.
My car is not all that different. I have never made sure that all the air-vents point in the same direction, I don't even change the clock from standard to summer-time. I have never cleaned the mats, why should I? The next day I'll hop into it with the same dirty and muddy shoes. I would not be surprised if a biologist would search my car and find a species which eats used parking tickets and breathes too high emissions.

Sooner or later it happened that my front cup-holders has become my rubbish bin as well. In there you will find used parking tickets - I checked, one is from May 2015 - one of those tiny cookies that you get with your coffee. Somewhere on the bottom are my sunglasses, I haven't used them in a while obviously. The shopping list from last week, and god knows what. When I use hand held sat-nav, it usually sits down there too, and the phone has a snug place to stay as well.

The handy cup-holder-bin™
It is mighty useful! I have never come into the position where I needed those two cup-holders for cup holding. Mostly because I am constantly afraid that I will try to change gear with a bottle instead of the gear stick. This way I can say no, I am not a messy person, I am a visionary. 

However, there is a tiny problem. The ashtray sits very dangerously in relation to my cup-holder-bin. Which means that would I smoke while driving I would at some point end up pouring ash into my rubbish bin, which is mostly littered with paper. So I'd drive along a street and suddenly the middle of my car would be set ablaze. That's why there is a strict smoking ban in my car!
Furthermore, I already sing while driving the car - go me. If I would sing, drive a car, and smoke as well ... sooner or later I would set my crotch on fire. I am sure of this.
Though that's all right, I still have a half-full Almdudler bottle in the cup-holder in the back, so the crotch and the bin fires can be extinguish.

The handy cup-holder-bin could be the solution for the problem. If you are a non-smoker you can convert your ashtray as well!
Car makers will not listen to us. They only listen to marketing and statistics and what-do-I-know. They will not consider a rubbish bin, so let's not wait for it. Make one yourself!
You can even put a small plastic bag. This way you can just take out the bag and throw everything away.

Problem solved.

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