Put Jogging Shoes On, And Eat the Crisps Afterwards!

Usually I do not make New Year's Resolutions. But this year I had nothing to do, and didn't quite know where my year will be heading, so I chose that I should make some. One included the number of followers I wanted to gain on tumblr, then that I might learn Spanish - so I can walk up to my former Spanish teacher and tell her to fuck herself, in Spanish - and another that I want to do sport more regularly.

Given that I have the backbone of a worm, we'll see how long this works. It is not that I am unfit. I am really not. It's just that the regularity of things is not very ... well ... regular.

You see, for example, I like to go swimming. Last year the idea was that I go swimming once a week. During university days I would go on Friday, and during free weeks I'd usually go on Wednesday. This worked all nice and well. At least until I got bored by having to carry my swimming bag to Vienna. And I knew that on some Fridays it would be wiser to go home and learn instead of pointlessly swimming in a place where you get out of the water and everyone would know where your nipples were ...

With jogging I always had a different issue. I like it very much. But I always found it very hard to be motivated when I am not training for any sort of race.
Once I ran a half-marathon (ages, is the answer) and I felt very proud when I finished. You'd expect that afterwards I would make sure that all this hard work and stamina wouldn't get lost. But nope, for the next three months I did not touch my jogging shoes once ... The only thing that came close to jogging was the occasional sprint to the door to collect whatever I had ordered on the internet.

This year - and so far - I like to delude myself that I have found the key to my sporty problem.
Firstly: have a goal. 
In the past I have always had some sort of goal while jogging: running the Frauenlauf, or a half-marathon, or just managing the 10k without having to stop. I should add that that one came before the half-marathon.
Every time I achieved the set goal I stopped. I didn't bother, because what was the point. It wasn't getting me anywhere ...
Even if I tried to tell myself all right, you're going jogging twice this week! I might hold myself up to it. But sometimes life would just get in the way because three exams have collided or maybe I fancied meeting with friends and staying up too late more ... Then I get disappointed in myself but tell me don't worry about it. You're not doing it for anything. 
Slowly and step by step, without really noticing, I lose my motivation.
I have the faint hope that this year it will be different. And why?

Well, the weekly schedule. This one is linked with the goal. A while back - erm two weeks ago - I saw someone's really fantastic and pretty journal. I am not very good at drawing, but I liked the idea of having my week in a neat overview. Mostly for all the small tasks.
Do I still need to write something? Reply to someone? How busy am I this week? 
Surprisingly this came in very handy. Every Sunday I would sit down with a ruler and make a few sluggish lines and have my week - along with the little tasks I'd never bother to write into a real calendar.

This way I can tell how busy I would actually be during the week, and adjust my sports schedule. Currently I try to get at least one activity in. On Monday I skipped some rope for 30 minutes because the wind felt like someone was throwing ice knives, and on Thursday I went for a lovely and snowy jog. Just as I had planned. Minus the slightly hungover muscles ...

Of course you can set yourself different goals. For example, you want to jog at least 10k this week. That is up to you. But I'd write it down.

And of course, battle the boredom and bring some variety into the world!
Often I also face the problem that I get bored. Not during the sport, but with the sport. I've been jogging down this lane for the last three months. I can't take it. I am a bit of a restless person, I'll gladly admit to that.
So spice up the week and change your sport from time to time. Skip some rope instead. Go for a long walk, ride the bicycle. Ride the cat ... no that might be illegal. Get together with a friend and sweat together.
Or - if you really want to have fun - wave at random cars while going after your chosen activity. I do that from time to time, and you'd be surprise how many of them wave back. Even though it is just not possible that they know you because the number plate says Hungary.

Then there is the last point and that might only apply to me: write! 
I do not mean write a blog post like I did. Though you may do so if you fancy it. Write down what you want to do this week. This way you can stay motivated and realize what you have already achieved.
However, it has a dark side that you may look at it and think yeah, I've done enough. And shovel more and more crisps in you. Instead you should go for a jog, and then shovel more and more crisps in you.
In order to not fall onto the dark side, be like me, and write it publicly. I - for one - hate it when I can't keep my own promises. Since I don't like to look stupid after giving a few hundred words of advice, I better keep to my New Year's Resolution and move my body at least once per week. And not only to the fridge and back.

Look at that Future Me, tricked you. Now put some jogging shoes on!

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