Summer, where art thou?

As I type this July is nearing its end, and August is greeting me wtih open arms. Or rather, it isn't!
From July on we have had warm weather - someone may have called it a heatwave - it went from 25°C in the morning to most of the time over 30°C in the evening. The topper was 38°C and according to the news it is the hottest Austrian summer we've had since people chose that the weather was worth monitoring.
It was wonderful! Meanwhile, my mother was begging each cloud to become the wildest thunderstorm we have ever seen.

However, then something horrible happened! Treachery! Puff, just like that it was gone.
My friend's perfect summer is one or two times 30°, so she can go to the pool and then it should settled around 25°c. This - in all honesty - is rubbish. I like summer, I like summer where 30° is the baseline. I like the rubbish 'oh no, it's clouding over!' jokes I'm able to make.

"Oh no! It's clouding over!"
I like sitting in the sun, wondering if I have enough sunscreen on my nose. I like the cat-ish behaviour of sitting in the comforting shadow of some trees, reading a book. Then of course, I also like sitting inside the house, glad that we managed to have it cool. I like that finally I have a decent explanation on why I carry a 1l bottle around with me, always. I like when you leave the house a comforting warmth hugs you. I like that I can wear pretty little dresses, and feel like an elf princess who's running through the woods. I like that I can wear shorts and feel like my legs are god's gift. Because, let's be honest, they are. I like that during the night it cools down, but not enough to make me consider my sleeping wardrobe. I like sleeping with an open window, keeping the bedroom and bathroom windows open so I have a steady stream of cooling air.

What I also like is that thanks to the heat, people always have those slightly awkward stories to tell: you step into the train and it was so heavily air-conditioned that you got a cold. You stepped into the tube, and within 3 seconds there was a steady waterfall streaming down your face. You got our of the unconditioned train, and your hair was tightly sweat into place; now it could function as a headband.

I will admit – in a weak moment – that a whole month of 35° is too much. However, it is also too much when it cools down from cheery 38° one day to suddenly only 15° the next. This is what happened last weekend. It almost killed me.
On Wednesday I was doing some shopping. The saddest thing about it was that I had to take an umbrella with me, I had to use the windscreen wipers on the car, even worse than that I had to wear three layers of clothes!
It is just unacceptable to wear three layers of clothes in summer! In fact it is just unacceptable that I have to think about the number of layers in summer!
In summer one shouldn't worry if they should wear a jacket or not. The answer is always clear: you don't!

One can't write a letter of complaint to Summer, even though it is failing to do its job. However, I have found a solution to this problem:

We need to reclaim Trieste!

Trieste is a small seaport in – what I call – the armpit of Italy. Some time ago it used to belong to the Austro-Hungary Empire. It is only logical that we'd go for something that we used owe. Out of historical reasons it would be better to go for Trieste than Serbia.
I would like to do this without bloodshed, as Austria is a neutral country and mustn't start a war. With the simple proposal to buy it off Italy, there could be a chance. If every Austrian citizen would pay 1€ into a fond, we'd have erm 9 million people, that would mean …. 9 million Euros.
That should be enough to buy it back into the Austrian state. Austria would have a beach again, we'd could all go there, enjoy some drinks. Buy a boat, do a boating licence, drive about on the sea, buy a rope so when you fall off board you don't end up in one of those horror films where everyone is paddling around the ocean and suddenly sharks appear, enjoy the weather and …

Sadly, the author of this blog had to be admitted to hospital with the rare case of Summerous Lackous. It effects the ability to think sanely due to lack of summer. She can not be held responsible for any of the afore mentioned words.

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