Something Good Happened: Clarkson, Hammond and May Live Isn't A Fantasy Any Longer

On Tuesday I was pondering if I'll ever find a topic for my new blog post: after all it was a week with no lectures, no work, and absolutely nothing to do. I was wondering if a post about having stuff to do would distract you from post writing could be written, or if I should use one of my back up posts … little did I know.

It all started a few years ago with this poky little motoring show called Top Gear. Who have a live act which was creativity called: Top Gear Live. An act that I felt pretty indifferent towards, I never planned to put much of an effort into visiting it but should they come to Budapest I'd hop into my car and no worries. However, then things went wrong, Top Gear ended, I lost my three mates, and thought well, that's it. The last I've seen of those middle aged idiots.
Then news broke that the live act would simply continue under the name of Clarkson, Hammond and May Live besides the fact that it does what it says on the tin, a sudden urge to go and see it arose in me. This may the last chance, I had to! 

Hence, I looked up the new tour dates and quickly encountered a few problems: I live in Austria and nothing is near me, my life is busy till Sept, then I'd get my diploma (finally!) and from then on it would be a grey zone, the question of cost was there, then my mother wasn't very keen on letting me fly. She said we'll discuss this in September, she might fly with me … Either way, this meant that my chances to go to London were around 10%, and as time was moving on it wasn't getting much bigger.

Until Tuesday I spent my time with – what is in German called – Trübsal blasen, in good old English: moping.
On this day Poland's Jay made the compelling argument that I could watch the show in Warsaw, it's in a cheaper country than London. I did the quick math in my head, and yes, it would knock about 100€ of my journey. I couldn't stand this 'maybe' where I was stuck, it had to either be a 'Yes' or the most dreaded 'No'.
With a sudden termination, I set out to talk to my Birthgiver. I made the case and point for Warsaw, and again for London. It had to be one of these shows! I wanted a yes to one of them. I can be dreadfully stubborn, so I thought now would be a great time to use this annoying gift.
Since my mother lives in 1970 she thinks that Poland is still UdssR, and suddenly London didn't seem like such a bad option to her. To me? It made little difference.
Mother confessed in me that she wouldn't have liked to fly to London anyway, so the deal was simple: I need to find someone to fly to London with me … tricky. But not as tricky as she might have thought.

I called the only other Austrian Top Gear fan: Klaudia. Of course, I am not known for being able to subtly tell people news. I did try with You know this show called Top Gear right? Well, of course she does! I got her into this mess! Plain and simple: I did the usual thing and went like a bull in the gate. Well, I talked to my Mum and she'd let me go to see CHM Live in London if I can find someone to fly with me. Sooo, would you like to? Never in my whole life have I heard someone reply that quickly with „yes!“
I was stunned speechless, couldn't believe it: with that little word my 10% chance just shot up to 95%!

An hour later, I sat in front of livenation's website with my mate on the phone and the tickets were booked! We're going to see Clarkson, Hammond and May Live in London!

Naturally you expected a daring and thrilling story of how I had to rescue a baby from a buring bus to get them. Not the I just bought some tickets story which I fear it was. Sorry for wasting your time …
Anyway, along with a small twist of my gut – because we have to organise a whole trip to London!?! - I feel a surge of excitement, and grin like a Cheshire cat. I'm going to see my three middle aged idiots falling over for one last time. The last hurrah, the final goodbye. Unless, of course, they come up with a new show in due time.

Yes, there is still the minor issue that I have no idea what my life will look like in November. However, that doesn't matter because I know where I'll be on the night of November the 28th.: in the audience of London's O2.

And if I have to swim through the British Channel; now the tickets are already paid.

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