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The Next Story In The Rivers Of London Series: "False Value" - Disappointment Or Joy?

April 28, 2021 2
"False Value" is the 8th part of the Rivers of London series. This time the Serious Cybernetics Corporation takes the spot light. ...

Book Round Up Time! What I Read This Winter:

April 14, 2021 0
To say the least, winter was a bad season for my reading. My Goodreads challenge is hiding in a corner, weeping and crying ugly tears. In th...

"Heaven In Hiding" - A Celestial Creatures Playlist

February 24, 2021 1
"Celestial Creatures" is a fantasy novel series by Olga Gibbs :   Ariel is thrown into a ruthless and violent world, as it turns o...

Why I Love To Travel Solo

February 10, 2021 0
When you tell people about your latest holiday, one of the unavoidable questions is "Who was with you? :)" and, in my case, more o...

The Last Of The Trilogy: An In-Depth Review of "Metro 2035"

February 03, 2021 4
English Version | Deutsche Version  The last part of the trilogy goes full-circle, and we meet the protagonist of the first book again: Art...

Das letzte Buch aus der Trilogie: Eine umfassende Rezension von "Metro 2035"

February 03, 2021 0
English Version | Deutsche Version Der letzte Teil der Metro Trilogie kehrt zu seinen Wurzeln zurück, denn wir folgen wieder dem Helden de...
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