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1000 Hours Of Writing 

The ambitious goal is to reach 1000 hours of writing.

Here I share the stories, tips and lessons I learned while trying to reach those.

Ranging from trying to find time for writing, the importance of comments and much more

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Monthly Favourites 

Every month I sit down and decided what were my favourite item regarding fashion/lifestyle, music, entertainment and the best quote of the month.

You can find them under #monthly favourites on the blog!



Austria, Europe 

I created this place to share my thoughts on topics I am passionate about, find like-minded people, and make someone smile along the way. 

"Use your smile to change the world, but no matter what happens, do not let the world change your smile."

Furthermore I am a pre-selected DriveTribe leader, and a list of other works can be found here.

Otherwise I pass the time with the occasional sheep-doodle, sports, and cat petting.