Oh 2016, You Were Quite Something ...

Since the end of the year edges closer, and the shambles of what is left of 2016 are ready to be thrown away, I went through the pictures on my phone. I bravely copied them onto my hard-drive and amazon cloud - the server did not crash, surprisingly. Then I thought to myself, if Instagram can take my best nine shots and make them into a neat post, I can do so too. Digging through masses of photos, and blurred sky photos, I found the nine pictures that would be "my" 2016; simple things, happy moments, and constants.

We shall start with a simple one:


... the very reason why my phone's storage is always clattered. Piles of sky photos and pretty nature photos that had to be captured. If anyone tries to delete one of those they might be an arm short afterwards.


His constant presence and purrs he emits when he only thinks about being petted. Truth to be be told, he is being petted regularly, and shockingly nobody ever argues when he lets himself down on my chest. This helps me to introduce the game ...


Spot The Cat amused Laura and me for quite a while. The rules are very simple, you take a photo of your cat while it lies curled up somewhere; preferably hidden, merged into the surrounding or only a tail showing. The feline might also hide under a bush or is only a speck in the distance. The other person has to - hold tight now - spot it.


February 2016 - I drew two stickmen standing on a beach. The same day I posted them on my private Twitter joking "I am an artist." Much to my own surprise, I decided to draw more stickmen. Later I added skin, hands, and fingers. I may have even ended up with something that people refer to as an "art style." I even use my "artistic talent" - quoting A here - in my motoring tribe, creating Sticky who - much like their creator - are a bit short.

It does not end here, I can draw cars - though, it depends on the mood of the day - and ended up drawing the header for my tribe. In fact, I am so proud of this, that I have framed the picture. This brings me neatly to the next part:


September 2016 I decided for whatever reason, that I should apply as a tribe leader, and with hardly a handful of motoring posts I picked three and sent them off. In return DriveTribe decided for whatever reason to take me along the ride. This marks the greatest solitary moment of this year. 2016 was not only shitty for global news but also for me; in almost every aspect of my life I've tried to achieve something and only to ran into a brick wall to break my nose.

However, being told that my idea, and the writing that goes along with it is good enough to belong to the small VIP crowd to start this motoring platform gave me confidence. Everyone can set up a tribe now, but my silly scribbles went past a board of professionals who, no matter if high, drunk, or possibly even sober, thought that my tribe would look good when they launched meant the world to me.

Furthermore, it gave me a small boost; I had planned to go for 20 members by the end of this year. On the second day the first beta-users started to pour in. I sat on the bog while checking my member count and being an innocent soul was very much surprised that I had not only already reached my target already but overshot it by 180 members.


September 2016 - when we're already on topic: While I was hunting locations for a certain flagship image for a certain tribe, I stumbled over a goat park. It is only ten minutes away by car, and now my life has been made endlessly better. Goats + infinity = happiness 


August 2016 I met another goat. It was a German goat, happily walking around in Frankfurt. Even though I tanned my own shirt on me it was the best holiday of date. I had been on my own, and yet, never felt lonely. Instead I felt free because the biggest worry on my mind was if I should take a shower before or after breakfast.

I never thought something horrible like this would happen, but it appears that I may have fallen in love with a German city. Or maybe I fell in love with the idea of running away, free from any responsibility and seeing a new part of the world every day - which is more likely, but this wonderful city showed it to me.


June 2016  - My Londoner sent me a picture of a train station called Ladywell, which I found very amusing. Then I thought I can do one better. So a few days later I offered her the finial destination to ... erm ... that.


pictures might suggest that I am the idiot - they might be right
Nothing too special here. You people held my hand. Laughed along with me. Pulled silly faces. Touched statue's bum's because I talked you into it. Pretended to like my knitted goods. And supported my stupid ideas.

Maybe there will be more* next year.

*stupid ideas, obviously


  1. I love this post and it's great to see a little more reason behind a photo! The stickman sketch has so much personality too - you should stick at it!

    Char xo || www.memoirsmusings.com

    1. Thank you so much! And I have many stickman sketches in planning.

  2. Spot the cat is fantastic! I had to tilt my screen to see that one, you should do a whole post of them!

    Rosie x


    1. It is a very entertaining game. I'll definitely keep the idea in mind!

  3. Goats, Germany and hard-to-see kitties. What an awesome year :) I would also like to play more 'spot the cat' haha.

  4. Aww I do miss having a cat! And comotely relate to the cluttered photo library filled with nature photos and pretty skies. My phone never seems to do them justice though?!

    1. I know what you mean! I thought about getting an actual camera but photos of pretty things always happen in the spur of the moment, urg.


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