An European Watching Helplessly And Confused What Happened After The Brexit Vote

Like many other people I watched yesterday's events unfold. I thought that it would be a simple referendum where we would watch our problematic fave decide if they wanted to stay or if they wanted to bugger off.

Then the last votes had been counted and it was announced that Britain would rather bugger off instead of staying and trying to make this work together.

As an European, and not being directly effected by this, I started to feel dread. I did. I like Britain. It's a very pretty country, it has guts, and is very good at pulling itself out of shit. It won the Second World War - ever so grateful - and has cracked the Enigma Code - same here. I was sad to see such a beautiful country apparently not wanting to be part of a union that I believe in.
At the same time I started to feel kicked ... After all Britain has many Extraw├╝rste in the EU, to make sure that they feel all fussy and gooey. But then they want to fuck off nevertheless. Then stay fucked off.

While I sorted out my feelings, the whole of Twitter began to collapse - only after the stock market did; but they're touchy, and so is Twitter.
Personally, I had hoped that the vote would have been much clearer - no matter which way. But because it was a close cut this started a lot of fuckery. Within moments the whole future of the country had been doomed. Everyone who voted leave was a racist and xenophobic fuck.
I don't think that's true. The driving force behind the leave campaign are. But 52% of the British public just aren't. 

That doesn't matter. The day didn't end here. Everything started to go haywire from that point on.
Nigle Farage - in case you have lived under a rock: a cunt - has admitted that his promise to spend the the 350 billion pounds they allegedly send to the EU (they don't) will be spent on the NHS is just not possible. And of course that it was a misunderstanding. That he "never made that claim."

Boris Johnson - also leave - with the "misunderstanding"
... sure. I mean it doesn't say anything like that at all. 

That's when people started to doubt their decision to vote leave. They thought that it would reduce immigration - then it turned out it wouldn't. They thought the NHS would be funded better, which would be brilliant - but it won't be.

Then David Cameron decided that he really had enough of all this shit and he would just fuck off. That was the point where I watched my Twitter feed drown in melodramatic. Now all hope is lost.
Meanwhile, I just sat there and stared at this feeling like this couldn't be real. I couldn't comprehend this.

I thought the Brexit or Bremain would lead to a slow change. After all it takes two years to leave the EU once and for all.
It wasn't just that Twitter and tumblr were being melodramatic as usual. The whole world was. This was a real bummer.

And slowly the thing started to fall apart even more:

  • Scotland considered a new independence referendum, so it can stay in the EU
  • Nothern Ireland was actually thinking about reuniting with their brothers and sisters for the same purpose
  • Jeremy Corbyn who has been anti-EU, then pro-EU during the Remain champagne and now is anti-EU again will have to bugger off soon enough. Finally!
  •  Donald Arsehole™ Trump came to Scotland to support their decision despite the fact that Scotland largely voted Remain.

At this point ... I really couldn't think. It all sounded like a the blurb from a really bad and cheesy political thriller. So I decided that I should go for a swim instead. 

When I returned I learnt that a lot of leave voters began to questions their choice. Maybe they didn't want to stay in the EU, but they didn't want the pound to crash, neither did they want their country to almost tear itself apart.
At the same time I stumbled over a petition. So if you are one of those unfortunate souls that wish now they had voted differently there is a petition which asked for a second referendum and the remain or leave votes should be more than 60%. Also it already has over a million supporters and has to be debated by the government. There is something so you can sleep in peace again. You tried to fix your mistake. 

I am not sure this will actually trigger a second referendum, or if the next one would have a different outcome. Even if it has, you will have to endure odd stares from all over Europe, but endure them. You already get them at this very moment - sorry.

Despite this, and despite twitter and tumblr preparing for the next apocolypse, I hope that Britain will do fine one way or another. 

After all come on, you're British. You guys are very good at dragging yourself out of the shit. Even if you were the ones who canon-balled right into it. If there is one country that can do it, it's you.
I don't really care if you're not part of Europe any longer, I still have a lot of friends across the channel so I want this country to do well!

Furthermore, I saw a tweet that David Cameron's replacement has already arrived at Downing Street. And I agree with this choice:


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  1. I doubt the cat would convince hateful people :(. But I hope for the UK that the situation will resolve itself as quickly as possible so that they know what to expect, and then everyone can work together against the haters again. I can absolutely understand people being upset now, but the campaigns were awful enough. There really is no need to continue the bullying and insults afterwards.


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