I Still Need This Blurred Photo Of A Rose

A while back I got a new phone, like my last it is also smart. Amazingly the prior phone marks the first in hopefully a long line of phones I gave away because I wanted to and not because I ruined it in some way. Though things were close when I accidentally dropped the old fella and the screen began to flicker, but after a re-start the fault was gone.

This put me in front of a curious task. I do not use a cloud to back-up photos. I only share photos with the Google Photo Cloud if I need them in a blog post and can't be bothered to take the extra route via my laptop. While I can unlock my phone with my finger-print now, nobody has invented an app yet that moves all my photos from the old phone to my laptop ...

Instead I had to do it myself. Not really a problem there, I thought to myself. Furthermore, I saw this as a great opportunity to finally delete all the useless photos I had saved. E.g.: if I take a photo for my book instagram I often end up with three and only publish one. Technically I could delete all three after publishing and still here I am ...
I moved all my photos form the phone into a neat folder. I even fooled myself by saying that it's only a temporary folder until I go through it and manage to delete the useless ones, and sort them by year.

But who the hell am I kidding? I will never do this! The folder will sit there for ages, untouched, and not having deleted a single file. After all I might need this photo of what may have been a bush one day! Twitter automatically saves a copy of the slightly edited photo I just published. And why am I keeping this copy of a fancy tea cup I used once in university?
and you thought I exaggerated
It's the same with most of the photos I took with my phone between 2014 and three weeks ago. Admittedly some of them are very pretty.
But I can't make heads or tails of the fact that I can't delete this failed photo of my cat. Obviously I wanted to have him all fluffy and cuddly and instead I ended up with a photo in which he licks his privates.

I know very well that when I see this failed photo that I should be hovering over the "entf" key, or should have done so when I took the photo in 2014.
Then I have 18 photos of me wearing a shirt of which I only published one photo. I have so many more cat photos which are blurred and horrid. There are photos which I took against the sun, the only thing you can see is a bright blob of light. Of course then there are my catastrophic photos from Clarkson, Hammond and May Live. Have I deleted any of those failures?

No, of course not! But why not? Is this blurred image somehow linked to my memory? Why can't I get rid of the shabby and blurry image of what may have been a rose, but could also be a speck of blood?

This is why for me, Google's Cloud Service can just not work. Not really ... they "only" offer 15GB and in the end it would be full with 90% of failed pictures of cats, cars, and aeroplanes I spotted in the sky which looked very good when I jogged but for the camera are nothing more than a mere pixel.

Filling my new phone with useful apps and my lock- and homescreen - which I adopted form the old one - I told myself that should I take any kind of failed photo I will delete it at once!
Apparently time makes those shit photos into something treasures. I don't really have a problem with deleting them one minute after I took them because I actually know that this blurred image of a rose is supposed to be a rose and not a minimalism painting.
I was very strict to myself and made a point of deleting failed photos as early as possible. At least for the first three days ...

But the other day a friend asked me what my new phone looked like. Instead of shouting that she may as well use google I let my phone take a selfie of itself. Which means that for the rest of time this photo will be on some sort of hard-drive, because I can't be bothered to delete it.

Maybe that isn't such a bad thing after all. I love the fact that my new phone has an amazing camera. Each time I go jogging and take a photo of the sky; most of the time with some sort of branches otherwise it's just blue. I hope that if I have them collected on Runtastic that I won't forget that a simple sunny, or even cloudy sky can be a thing of beauty.

Now I look at the rather "useless" photo of  the tea cup and remember that I used to call the above mentioned cup "classy and sassy" and it lead to my mother gifting me an antique for Christmas,  or that my cat either sleeps when you take a photo or cleans its private parts.
When I look at the blurry image from Clarkson, Hammond and May Live I still remember it and how I tried to take a photo nevertheless, those are my photos and my memories, no matter if the digital copy of them is crap.

Look, sky!

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