What is your favourite car? - choosing which of my children I like more would be easier*

*I don't have children, but the point stands. 

Like a few people I have read James May's interview in Radio Times. He plugged his newest show Cars of the People. In case you are wondering, on Sunday on, er, BBC2, if I recall correctly.

Along the lines of plugging, he also mentioned that he can never really answer the question "what is your favourite car?because that changes. Of course it does! 
I have been asked this question too. But only if the person – to whom I have just confessed that I like cars – didn't jump out of the nearest window or ran away screaming. But I find it surprisingly hard to answer.

How the hell can you compare a Lamborghini with a Kia Cee'd?
On first glance you would always say that the Lamborghini is better, because – come on – it is a Lamborghini!
But in the real world you might actually want a car where you can put your bag, or with which you can run over a pothole without clenching your bottom. Or maybe you'd just like to arrive at work without everyone looking at you thinking what a monumental bellend and show-off.
Hmm, scratch that one; I'd love to arrive at work, and everyone would think what a show-off.

Answering which is my favourite car on Top Gear is easier. I simply go for the one I feel head over heals, and began to drool in front of the telly. The McLaren P1. You don't forget your first.
I love the McLaren P1 for various reason. For one, the P1 is clever and brilliant. In a way it is a middle finger up every Eco-Hippie's bottom. Furthermore I might be one of the few people who like how the car looks.
So I declared that once I am rich – and with that I mean earn money on a more regular basis – that I am going to get one. Scaled 1:43, most likely.

There is the Nissan GT-R which I like because of itself. Look at it! Actually, don't look at it. There are prettier things in this words. But read up on it and you will understand why you just can't not like it.
Someone in Autocar stated once that they didn't like the GT-R and I - rightfully - scoffed. 
Nothing is faster of the line than this beauty. 

Then comes the Lexus LFA. It comes with a tiny fun fact which you can tell people: Lexus needed years and decades to design the car and then someone came along and said meh, you know aluminium is a bit shit. I like carbon-fibre more. 
So they had to re-do the whole thing. Hurray!
It is more tricky because I have an on-off relationship with the LFA. After all the brain only has finite storage and sometimes I completely forget about the LFA until I see it somewhere …

But I also adore my little Ibiza. It is small, fun and I just adore it.
I like the VW Golf and it is a runner-up on my list of realistic cars I might buy. I like the Golf  for pretty much the same reasons that I like my Ibiza. Which might be connected to the fact that it basically is my SEAT Ibiza minus the plastic and the SEAT badge. How the hell am I supposed to be objective when it comes to my Ibiza?
Maybe I don't even like the Ibiza but only love my little Ibiza because it is mine and in winter I want to wrap it up in a blanket to make sure it doesn't catch a cold …

Last but hardly least is the Jaguar F-Type. I have no idea how I came to adore this car but I do. It sneaked its way into my heart. Very slowly and now it has set up camp. I own two of them.
A coupé scaled 1:43 and a convertible in 1:76 (which was a gift).

The F-Type is just bite the back of your hand beautiful, and the sound the engine makes goes right down to your lady/boy bits. Trust me on this.
Every day I cycled to the train station I rode past a black F-Type. In the morning it stood there, greeted me and I knew ah, today will be a good day. When I made my way back home something pretty would greet me.

There are many which I didn't even mention, maybe because they slipped my mind, or I can't write endlessly about cars. Actually I can, but who'd read that? I didn't mention the BMW i8, Lamborghini Huracán, and Gallardo Spyder, or the Alfa … let's just stop this list here.
I already need to change the title of this blog from Little information about flowers or cars to just Little information about flowers. Don't worry, I don't think I'll ever write about flowers, not unless I write about how mine always grow crispy.

Where was I? Yes, cars! The point is this: I like all of these car for different reason. So how the hell am I supposed to choose my absolute favourite?

It's like making me choose my favourite Top Gear presenter. It's just not possible!
In a hurry I'd reply with Clarkson. But then a voice in the back of my head would pipe up and go “hey, but May is nice too. And what about the Hamster?”
Well, shut up, now I said it and I can't change that!

In the end I'd like to solve the mystery of my favourite car and declare that it is the Jaguar F-Type.

But you know, the BMW i8 is nice too. Oh, and don't forget the Nissan GT-R …  

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