Trying To Fit My Whole Life Into Hand Luggage

Today I'll be going to London. It is time to embark on the little adventure which has been planned ambitiously and soon I might report back if ithas been planned rubbishy as well. Given the fact that I only discovered this very week that London City Airport is in fact not Gatwick … Mistakes happen. Like I stated prior, Geography isn't among my fancy.

As I had the hotel already booked, the flight paid and since we aren't going by Lufthanser I did not worry about – what seems to be Germany's new favourite activity – the strikes. Some serious amount of poo would have come out if I had read about the planned strikes on Thursday and today. No worries, on Wednesday they chose that it's all rubbish anyway and that it's too cold to go on strike.

However, I was surprised by the amount of little things that I still had to do. One of them was getting a miniature version of my bathroom.

Since I didn't see the point of getting a huge suitcase for only one weekend, I chose that I'll be only travelling with hand luggage. I'd wear on pair of jeans – the one on my body, which I don't plan on soiling – two additional shirts, my jimjams and some obligatory underwear. Though that can be turned around. I thought if that had been good enough for Zürich it will be fine for the same amount of time in London.

Unfortunately, if you go my aeroplane you are not allowed to carry big bottles containing liquid in your hand luggage. So a miniature version of my bathroom had to be organized. That was all well and easy. Admittedly I didn't find exactly my deodorant but one that seems just as good.

I found some shampoo – though I had the idea of timing my hair-routine perfectly but then I'd rather not risk it. Shampoo it was. Some body wash, and still from my last visit to the idiot's idea of oral hygiene I had some tiny tube of toothpaste. We'll see if this time I'll take my toothbrush with me. That's the only thing I always tend to forget. That's why I have a Swiss toothbrush.

Maybe one day, when I am well travelled I'll invite someone over with the pick-up line of Do you want to see my collection of foreign toothbrushes? That would pull, I am sure.

Furthermore, I had collect my pounds. This was simple and Cameron would be chuffed by my banker. While she wanted to say – I'm assuming – that Britain isn't inside the Euro-Zone. What she actually said was the Britain isn't in Europe. Well, yes, technically they are. But they try not to be.

Then I had to figure out how many Mannerschnitten I can legally take across the boarder. They're a surprise for a lovely Londoner. Don't actually worry, she knows she'll get some. Just the amount will be surprise. Even for me. In case you don't know what Mannerschnitten are, they're wrapped in pink and a wafer with chocolate-cream. They taste heavenly.

After all I don't want to stand at customs, a man comes out from the back and pulls on a rubber glove. Then I think I might actually faint. All of that just because I wanted to give a friend some sweets that taste good.

Then I don't have a real map of London, and the map in M's guidebook is a bit … it's a four letter word that begins with S and ends with T. It's not shut. I can't look up anything on Google Maps because then I'd be poor and broke as I don't have free internet in any other country than my own. 
I only packed my bag just now, so we'll see in London if I packed 7 pairs of jeans but no underpants. I don't really know how to buy a tube ticket. I don't know if there might be constructions, but that doesn't matter. That's a problem I'll deal with once I stand in front of the closed station.

Let's not forgot that I almost didn't realize that Gatwick isn't actually in London. No wonder James May hates Gatwick, I'm starting to do it too. I would have looked very long for the tube station to bring me to my temporary bed. It's okay, because a train will take us to Victoria. Wherever that is. Somehow the rubbish part starts to come through. 

Just that today I saw that on the back my OneRepublic shirt it says there is also an O2 in Prague. Now I couldn't help but wonder … That would really be in the spirit of the Clarkson, Hammond and May: planning a whole trip into the wrong country. 

That's all right, as long as I don't throw up during the flight. Even then it's all right – as long as I brush my teeth - because I know how to get to the O2 on Saturday. The very reason why we're taking this little trip to London! I'm doing it for them:

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