Dating A Hurricane Can Spice Up Every Week

Usually these little posts get written with a lot of enthusiasm on Wednesday, Thursday or worst case on Friday. Sometimes an idea appears on Wednesday so I write it down the next day. If I can spare the creativity and my fingers don't hurt yet from doing … well … actually doing nothing I write it down on the same day.
 I prefer to leave it for a day or two so I can read it again and make little changes. Often I send it to a friend as well to get approval – I always do anyway – or maybe it's more the little ego stroke I need before I feel brave enough to publish.

Then my posts are often inspired by something that happened in the week. I wrote about this always being present and dominating your life thing called the Internet last week because I had seen a documentary about the topic. The week before I wrote about stereotypes, I can't exactly remember what gave me the idea but it may have been a line or a short paragraph in a book. The one before that was about the treatment of bathing cats in tea,which was inspired by the fact that I did bath my cat in tea while I had been sick …

However, this week I faced a problem. Nothing that would have been write worthy had happened. I even fished out my diary to figure out if I had forgotten something.
Saturday was spent – I quote - "reading, hiding the left side of my face, eating painkillers, watching some X-Files, scrolling through tumblr and even writing [fiction]“ Then I had a nervous meltdown - the good kind - because of an absolutely adorable photo. I can't write about that on this blog, that's what I have my tumblr for …

Sunday, I was apparently stunned into silence because my cat had slept five hours on the same spot and then chose to eat a piece of lint lying right next to him before going back to sleep.

Monday! Oh a working day for the employed! But not for me … I was flabbergasted because I had almost made a mistake with my antibiotics: I chose to eat some food – I guess nothing I had to really chew – but forgot to take my pill. So I thought, meh, can just pop it in a minute afterwards no biggie. However, I asked on twitter if that was a good thing – after all I know that a nurse and a med student follow me – but I got shot down by saying that it was in fact a biggie! So I had to get dessert …
Life doesn't get much better than this! Just that it did!
On Wednesday – it seems that Tuesday was so boring I couldn't even be arsed to write into my diary – I had been wondering if there is something I regret not writing into the 100 prompt story. Yes, there is. As it turns out 100 prompts and 314 pages just aren't enough to write all the stories you want of your little universe. So I set out to write it down.

On Thursday, I wrote about a book my mum will get me for my birthday.

Then Friday came, still I had nothing write about …
However, stuff happen: not only was it the day of the graduation ceremony. It still astonishes me that I even managed to come so far but even more that I managed to get honours. I never did anything with honours. That's not really something funny to write about: there was a speech, we had some Sekt and sandwiches. Afterwards we had two tours, they were lovely. My feet hurt. Then I had a pre-QI nap and watched QI. Well, yes …

What I did on Saturday, is the subject of a later blogpost because science. Well, more „science“. I only do it because I have nothing better to do, as one can clearly read.

I really wish that this would have some upbeat, laugh out loud message. That of course, small adventures are good too. I didn't even have those. Personally I remember the week as one of cool-packs, swollen left cheeks and a mixture of antibiotics and painkillers which often exhausted me enough to go to bed at 9PM.
The mixture of drugs was due to the removal of my left wisdom teeth but I already wrote about that before. I had no intention of writing about it again. Especially since things went wrong a completely different way than they did the last time. 
That's not really something you want to write about when you have a blog which should help people forget their own problems and have a little laugh …

Instead I chose to go down a different route: I'll make something up:

Did you know that I dated a hurricane once?
It blew me away.

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