Because I Lost My Three Mates

It is news of yesterday - even over a month ago - but still, I'd like to take a moment and dedicate this blog post to the plucky little motoring show that used to air on BBC2: Top Gear.

Some people may laugh now, snort, and click away. There is hardly a thing I can do to stop that.
Either way, often the reason why it is still loved by so many people is very simple: it makes them happy.
It's a show that could be compared to a warm sweater: you had a shit day, slip into it, laugh at those three fat middle aged idiots falling over, and the world wasn't so bad any longer. The dreaded day of Sunday was suddenly looked forwards to. At least 7 times a year.
Personally, it has influenced me for the better: I make more fun of myself, I don’t take small cock-ups as hard as I used too. I enjoy making people laugh, even if it comes at my own expense.
When my seatmate started watching Top Gear (I might be to blame), and I dare say started to love it I felt like she has indirectly learned about an important part of me. It’s usually something that I keep to myself, because I feel like it might expose too much. For me it is inadvertently linked to the moment it became a part of me, but also because it’s that show that made me rediscover why I love cars, and can cheer me up no matter what. 

Hence, I have discovered that I deal with the loss of the Top Gear as I know it like I lost a mate.
Which is true - of sorts - I lost my three mates, a show that has influenced me for the better, and has unexpectedly become a part of me.

You might now shout and accuse me that oh you only watch it for the men! Not a real fan! Well, first of all: I love cars. However, I don’t love car shows. I just can’t be bothered to watch a show that tells me how many bolts a car has. I care about that on some cars: McLaren, some Beamers, Lamborghini. Those are the cars where I want to know about the amount of bolts, but those are quickly looked up elsewhere. To keep me planted in front of the telly for an hour it takes much more: love for their four-wheelers, sometimes hatred, humour, sarcasm, passion, and yes, the chemistry between the three presenter was a vital component.

There are people – mostly people who don’t watch it – who claim that it had a bad influence, that it brings no good. However, there is a person who hasn’t killed themself because of that show,  there is a woman who stopped contemplating driving her car against a tree because of that show, another it helped to overcome a horrible crash, then a person who lost all their memory after an accident and one of the first „new“ memories was watching Top Gear, and many more which I can’t even remember from the top of my head. If that isn’t good enough for you … then I just don’t know what will be.
Of course, they didn’t go out to make the show to save people – nobody does that – but it’s a side-effect; one I wish Clarkson, Hammond, and May – even Wilman – would be aware of. That they have done good. I doubt that they ever will, mostly because the Daily Mail won’t make an article about that. This will only be passed on between people who like the show, if it will be passed on at all.

On some days I wish that we’d still get the three years of Top Gear. The fact that we won’t get them now, doesn’t make me angry. It makes me sad.
Once in a while I stumble over a new totally unimportant article and feel this bang inside my chest, or my gut twist. Just a steady reminder that I won’t be looking forward to Sundays any longer, and that there won’t be any new episodes coming.
The only good thing I can see, is that at least there can’t be any more bad news. Knock on wood. Maybe that isn’t right either: no matter what they’ll do now, the media will turn and twist the words around until they find a way to make a shocking headline out of it, and make it all sound wrong. Again. In those moments I sometimes find myself thinking fuck emotions, burn them.
No, actually, don’t burn them. Without them I couldn’t have felt the joy they have given me over the years. The amazing journey I had with them, and the fans. Hence, I’ll gladly take that beating right now. It was worth every single bit of pain I felt so far, and might feel in the future.

Actually, I set out to write a post how the three former Top Gear presenters are a better way to categorize people than horoscope. I shall do that next week; still I ended up here.
Top Gear was a good show, maybe the next Top Gear with a new format and new presenters will be too, maybe not. However, it won’t be the Top Gear that has intertwined so deeply into my heart, not the one that has made me laugh in the middle of the night sleep deprived after not laughing for weeks.  It will be a different show, with the same name; and that’s okay …
Yes, if I hadn’t gotten so involved the news wouln’t have hit me so badly. Though, if I hadn’t gotten involved I’m not sure it I’d still be. Sure as hell, I couldn’t have looked back on so many nights which were spent laughing, meeting the best fandom … in the world, and bullying erm introducing my friend into both. Despite the bombshell it ended on I still have all the wonderful memories, and I shall always look back on them with a smile on my face.

Anyway …

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  1. I came across this post again on tumblr, and while I was both too emotional to comment last time (and account-less anyway), I can do so now. I'm glad you went on a journey with this show and became emotionally attached - no matter what people might say about a show, they can't take that away from you! And there's always archived videos to make you smile and laugh again - once you find your medicine for bad days, it will continue to work for you! :).


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