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Are My Jogging Shoes Out To Kill Me?

And Other Thoughts Before A Race 

When I signed up for the Frauenlauf I hadn't thought a lot about training. I didn't really have the time to become a pumped up fitness girl who can post flexing muscle photos under #instafitness. And yet, I dragged myself to the running shoes regularly. Luckily, this winter I had considered that I might want to keep fit a little bit. So instead of thinking "what the fuck" for a month when I started training, it was only for two weeks. Even I surprised myself when I managed to jog for a full hour after work. After I had run my last jog before the big day, I thought to myself pet yourself on the back, Susanne. For the first time in your life you have kept to the training schedule no matter what. And she was right, I had. When I curled up in bed that day, I felt ready. I was ready!

And so on race day, I rolled myself out of bed with a hopeful face. Just that after I had taken two steps away from the bed my feet collided with something. Before I knew it I was dancing through the room trying to maintain my balance.

"Aeurg," I squeaked eloquently.

Luckily, I managed to stop myself from falling down. I left the situation unharmed. I wiped the sweat off my face, and turned around to make my way to the bathroom. Just that all of the sudden there was a wall.

Again, I had managed to stop just so. Then it began to dawn on me. I turned around, and looked at the attacker from the prior attack. It had been a pair of shoes. Trusty shoes which had been with me to London, Frankfurt and Bratislava. And yet ... they had betrayed me. Treachery. They didn't want me to run.

From Barcelona To The Whole World
My Travel Bucket List

Is there anything better than travelling? You get to leave all of the mundane tasks behind. Every single day is a new adventure. You learn new things, meet different people, and try new aspects of life. Never eaten a Currywurst before? Now you have the chance. There is a whole world to discover and explore. A world full of adventure.

I tend to not make bucket lists because often your opinions change. In a year a task that has been of the utmost importance in January can become utterly redundant by November. So how could I even have the cheek to plan for a lifetime?

However, I have a friend who has yearned to go to Japan since her 12th birthday. This month she's been there. This made me wonder ... what places would I love to go? What are the things I want to see before I lie six feet under?

When Your Car Becomes Your Friend

Today is Odometer Day - that's the thing that counts the kilometers or miles in your car. It tells you how much your faithful wheels have turned already.

I thought the best way to honour the number of kilometers my little Ibiza chewed up is to remember the good times. Since I took possession of my Little Mite ...

Comments Are Important!

1000 Hours of Writing: Hours 260 - 300

One of  my favourite aspects about writing is the response from my readership. I deprive so much joy from a simple "Well done," and "I loved this fluff so much." There is a special kind of joy when someone says that this is their first comment they ever posted but they just had to.

So you'd think that since I know how happy a comment can make me, that I'd be a comment slut, and at least leave a smiley on each post and fic that I read and even slightly liked. I have to admit that this is not exactly true. I try to comment on each piece that I slightly like, and yet, sometimes I am convinced that the comment is unwanted anyway. What a load of rubbish!

I hadn't realized that this was such rubbish until I scrolled lazily through Ao3 and somehow I had ended up reading a story that was a year old now. It was fluff, a bit simple in some places, but lovely and just the warm hug that you'd need before going bed. I decided that since I enjoyed it and it met all my fluff needs that I should leave a comment.

What was I supposed to say? It wasn't even something I'd usually read, and I was a tad tired, but I had really enjoyed it and it made me squee. Hence I opted for a rather simple "This was so cute :)" Then I went to bed.

I hadn't even expected a reply. The next morning when I woke up the author had replied. And what a reply! They were over the hill, excited that finally someone had left a comment. A moment later they were telling me about what had prompted the story.

It just shows how important comments are, even a simple comment can cheer someone. It is always important to remember that people spend a lot of time writing these things, and then comes the editing. Most of the time they offer the work for free, not only on Ao3 but also in blogging!

About Your Blogger
My Liebster Award Nomination

After returning form my holiday I was met with a lovely surprise! The wonderful Katy had nominated me for the Liebster Award! You can read her post about it here!

I tend to run around and say that my blog is only read the three people, one of them is my mother and the other my brother when he needs a break from studying. Being nominated by a fellow blogger really cheered me, and showed me that I am on the right way. I am ever so grateful for this! I hope that I am going to bring many more words that you love to read to you!

Thank you!

The Rules:

1. Post 11 facts about yourself
2. Answer the 11 questions the person who nominated you has asked
3. Nominate 11 other (low-key) bloggers
4. Ask them 11 questions
5. Let them know that they have a nomination

Facts and Questions:

To keep things interesting I decided to record the 11 facts & answer the question in the following video

The Lipstick That Makes Me Feel Like I Rule The World

Every once in a while, I like to go through my make-up bag and try out new things. Usually on Fridays, after a shower and with enough time left to experiment. I try to wing the eyeliner differently. I experiment how it looks if I use a metallic grey near the nose and then follows a transition into black. I try different eye-shadow styles or a watered down version of Halsey's make-up in Ghost - which is unbelievably pretty!

However, I have never tried lipstick before. I use stuff to stop them from drying out and try not to chew my lips off. But other than that ... I think it was because a small part of my mind whispered that it would be too "girly." Fact remains that I am not particularly girly. Maryia and I often joke that if we'd run a fashion blog we'd call it The Sloppy Beauty, with a subsection for Uneven Eyeliner And Proud! So, pink lipstick did not look appealing to my humble eyes which still had smudged eyeliner on them.

Then one night, I sat down and decided to watch the already mentioned Ghost video. In it Halsey wears dark lipstick and she looks absolutely stunning, fierce and strong - at the same time with a I Don't Give A Toss What Muppets Say attitude surrounding her.

getting make-up inspiration form Halsey
Suddenly I had a brainwave: Make-Up is supposed to go along with your person. You can't suddenly go all pink and girly and still feel comfortable if that's not you. Dark and strong lipstick might just be want I wanted.