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Reignite The Spark For Writing With FanFiction

One of the biggest differences between the official National Writing Month and my Petite Writing Month is that I only count the words - no matter in which form they come.

This means that if I write a blog post for floralcars it is counted. When I write about Porsche in the WEC it goes into the word count baggy, and when I write a piece for DriveTribe ... you guessed it - it goes in as well. I do not have a plot or only one project that gets my full attention. Instead, I need to get up each day and think of a new idea ...

In theory this doesn't sound too bad. After all with a variety of no less than four different blog - surprised myself there - I should not run short of topics any time soon. However, we have entered mid-November I found myself in the unique position of stalling.

Even though, feeling slightly uninspired plays a small part in it I am not short of ideas - since I have a list. The problem lies in the sense that everything I write seems to be the same. The flame is no longer burning as bright as it has at the beginning of the month. The romance has slowed down, and the first date excitement of Petite NaNo has gone ...

When Life Becomes Too Much ... Flee To The Farmer's Market


This Little Piggy Went to The Market

After I was asked to contribute to this blog by its kind owner, I did what any normal person who doesn't have a blog would do. I panicked. The paralysis eventually wore off, but the worry remained. Susanne and I share some similarities but our differences outnumber those. Push came to shove and I was asked for my draft. So I ran away.

Now, there are no circuses nearby (not that I have any acrobatic or animal training skills) and my bank account, family, and job don't allow me the freedom to fly off somewhere. When life swirls and pressures mount, I run to a magical place that soothes my soul - my local farmer's market. It's only in the last few years that I've become a farmer's market enthusiast. Since this is a suburban farmer's market, I show up to the train station parking lot on a given Saturday morning and join the others searching for fresher produce and meat, local cheese makers, and small batch distilleries.

These bakers, farmers, and seafood vendors are so proud of their products. In a place where many purchases are seen as luxury items, I stop and speak with a young woman in her twenties whose love of cheese led her to give up her job and head to a small farm cooperative. There she works her weeks to produce 25 varieties of sheep and goat cheeses. Weekends are spent traveling to farmer's markets in the tri-state area where she proudly offers samples, hoping not to make millions, but to offer tasty and healthier items. 

The hummus man now knows who we are, what our favorite varieties have been, and sneaks us tastes of ones he's developing. The German baker who has visited the town my husband's grandmother lived in. They share stories of life and childhood and speak German, showing patience when my husband's is broken and rusty. These purveyors actually WANT to talk with their customers. In a world, where we're often rushed through a purchase, they get to know our tastes and interests. And they smile and are kind even when a purchase isn't made.

A farmer's market is also a great place to people watch. Children and their parents meet school friends. They stop and chat about soccer games and Halloween parades. Little ones ride in strollers and nosh on treats given freely by the vendors. Families talk with each other. Children point and moms explain. Dads carry offspring on their shoulders. Life slows. People breathe and smile.

What I Learnt From My First 10k Race

This year I took part in my very first 10k race. I had never really dreamed of taking part in a 10k, however, I dream of taking part in a half-marathon. Instead of setting this goal in the distant future and stick to the measly 5k, I decided that this year I should get my guns out and take a small step into the right direction: 10 kilometers.

I hadn't expected much of a result from this race. After all, I am not a sprint-racer (lacking leg length for this ... and more crucial: speed) and it was my first time taking part in such a distance. Instead, I focused on finishing without any breaks. That was the goal.

As the race started I quickly noticed that the groups started to separate, the quick ones right in front. Then a smaller middle blob, and the slow three ones at the back. Since it was a small event with mostly sports club members taking part. When I was at the end of the second from three laps, a man even lapped me! This should either be something that ruins my  confidence or boosts it out of pure spite.

However, it bothered me not nearly as much as I thought it would. Instead I kept on doing my own thing. This was one of the few lessons of life and jogging I learned during this particular 10k race.

I Wrote Millions Of Words ... Oh It Was Just Ten

As it is National Novel Writing Month words are everything. They are the centre of attention: how much can I write in a day? How long can sentences be? Let's ignore brief and concise, this is the month of rambling! Reach a daily average of words? Never mind that, we can write all 50,000 in a day. Easy! A picture says more than a thousand words, so if I drew 50 pictures would that count?

Probably not.

I write on a beautiful day. Then I stop and admire the paragraphs I have just brought into existence. I created something from almost nothing! So much of it as well, it must be thousands if not millions of words! Convinced that this breaks the world record of written words in an hour, I check the word count and ...

"oh, it's just 120." 

... it turns out to be far less than millions of words. Strange.

Every Blog Post Should Have These:

When it comes to blogging there are various ways to set up a post: it could be a funny story, an informative review about the newest eye-shadow palette, or sharing an opinion about a popular topic.

Of course, you want the post to be the best possible, so that not only you are going to like it but it is going to appeal to readers as well. People should click on it and hopefully they are going to be drawn into your blog and become regular readers.

This raises the question what is it that makes blog posts appealing to people? What does every post need to get a reader hooked? The following points are things that I look for as a reader, and so are  most readers:

Finding The Time To Write Every Day

In order reach the ultimate goal of 30.000 written words in November I should - according to my calculator - write 1,000 words per day. This seemed doable because on a very good day, I average 1,000 words in an hour when writing a story. 

However, what is usually my downfalls when it comes to NoNoWriMo is that there are two days in which I only manage to write a measly 20 words, and come the next week I am suddenly 20,000 words behind schedule. This year, I want to avoid such situations by writing every day. 

So I had to work out how I am going to be able to write every day. This is a bit of a challenge because even though I don't write little, I generally do not write every day. Usually life tends to get in the way: either you have had a long and hard day at work, and then you need to mind various chores as well. Then it is almost bed-time and you rather spend the one hour left watching a cheap show on the telly because trying to think of a blog post is too exhausting. 

In order to try and reach my daily average, I have to use the few spare minutes whenever it was possible: 

Looking at my day, I realized that there were a few minutes that I could use to squeeze in a little bit of writing. For example, I could write the finishing words of a post on the train back home. Or write the beginning of a scene in the last few minutes of my lunch break.

Of course, since those are mere minutes and not hours, I don't get much done. However, every word counts, and a little bit is much better than nothing at all. On Thursday, I had only written small bits and bobs, and those gave me 210 words alone. I was able to see the progress with the small steps.

October's Favourites:
Turtles All The Way Down and Positive Vibes ✌

As the end of October is just behind us, it is that time of the month again when we go through the Monthly Favourites!


This month I fell in love with a t-shirt from H&M. Not only is it a loose shirt it is also prefect for your lazy day at home on the couch. Furthermore, it is 100% cotton.

The best aspect of this shirt is the design:

I love the message "Girls support girls" and that it comes with a sparkly background! It is gives the whole garment a positive vibe and like you want to have a good time.

It is a basic shirt with a positive message, and what's wrong about that? Nothing!


Snow by Angus and Julia Stone 

Recent Reads:
How To Be Bad

A Christian, a sassy friend, and the new girl go on a road trip ... what could go wrong?


But let's rewind for a moment: How To Be Bad is a young adult novel written by three ladies: E. Lockhart, Lauren Myracle and Sarah Mlynowski. Each has picked one of the main characters and writes the story from her point of view.

In the story Jesse, Vicks, and Mel could not be different from each other: Jesse is very religious, so much that she gets upset if people use the word "ass" or say "oh my god!" in wonder. Then we have her best friend Vicks who is almost the opposite, she is sassy, wild and over confident. Add Mel, the shy girl who has just moved here and is shamelessly rich - which does not help her awkward status in the group.

What they have in common, is that they all want to get away from Niceville. They have almost the same reason as well: forget their lives, and the mess in it. Suddenly, they decided to go on a road trip together!

Taking On The Petite Writing Month

November looms above our heads. Just like October is an important month for artist, November marks an important time of the year for writers all over the world: It is National Novel Writing Month! 

"What is that?" I hear you cry. National Novel Writing Month is a way to keep motivated as a writer. Always had an idea for a novel but the time never seemed right? November is your month now! The official aim is to write at least 50,000 words in this month.

On the website https://nanowrimo.org you can create a profile and share your progress, find inspiration and motivate each other. The idea behind National Novel Writing Month - or in short NaNoWriMo - is not to create a literary masterpiece. Instead it is about getting started and the words on paper!

Every November I arrive with my sleeves rolled up, ready to take the month on and after a week I am 2,000 words behind, no biggie at least until these turn into 10,000 words which is a biggie and I decide to give up.

However, this time I have taken my inspiration elsewhere: from motorsport. Now bear with me.

Everyone has heard of Le Mans before: the gruesome and fantastic 24 hour race. Again, bear with me. What is lesser known is that there is a smaller version of Le Mans as well: Petit Le Mans, which takes place in the United States but we'll gloss over that. Another difference is the duration. It has been changed the from 24 hours to 10 hours. With National Novel Writing Month, I want to try something similar: a Petite Writing Month.