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The Lipstick That Makes Me Feel Like I Rule The World

Every once in a while, I like to go through my make-up bag and try out new things. Usually on Fridays, after a shower and with enough time left to experiment. I try to wing the eyeliner differently. I experiment how it looks if I use a metallic grey near the nose and then follows a transition into black. I try different eye-shadow styles or a watered down version of Halsey's make-up in Ghost - which is unbelievably pretty!

However, I have never tried lipstick before. I use stuff to stop them from drying out and try not to chew my lips off. But other than that ... I think it was because a small part of my mind whispered that it would be too "girly." Fact remains that I am not particularly girly. Maryia and I often joke that if we'd run a fashion blog we'd call it The Sloppy Beauty, with a subsection for Uneven Eyeliner And Proud! So, pink lipstick did not look appealing to my humble eyes which still had smudged eyeliner on them.

Then one night, I sat down and decided to watch the already mentioned Ghost video. In it Halsey wears dark lipstick and she looks absolutely stunning, fierce and strong - at the same time with a I Don't Give A Toss What Muppets Say attitude surrounding her.

getting make-up inspiration form Halsey
Suddenly I had a brainwave: Make-Up is supposed to go along with your person. You can't suddenly go all pink and girly and still feel comfortable if that's not you. Dark and strong lipstick might just be want I wanted.

Break Rules Sooner Than Saying Anything Barbarous

1000 Hours of Writing: Hours 240 - 260 

First of all, I need to apologize for this late update. It may have taken me quite a long time to collect the 20 hours - not something I am proud of. I assume this is because I spent some time watching F1, and petting the cat. In between those things I worked on research. There are possible new things in planing for this blog. Naturally, you want to do the best, you want to like it and you want your readers and fans to like it as well.

Furthermore, it is not exactly an area I am familiar with. If I'd say "I want to go jogging" I can easily figure it out because I already know how to walk. However, if I'd say "I want to learn how to fly" I am going to need the help of others.

This is what I did when I typed "vlogging tips" into google. While I am well-versed in the arts of video editing, I do not have the slightest about being the person in front of the camera. Of course, I went though the internet to ask and find tips and tricks. Little hints, or that I don't start with a big no-go, like only filming my left eye.

Sometimes the advice given is not even "useful" for you because you already know this - yay, validation! But then you end up with two tips that contradict each other. "Write for yourself" versus "consider your target audience." or "Don't worry too much about equipment" versus "Get proper equipment." Hmm ...

Write Down Happy Things!

We have all had days which were simply ... crap. Even the smallest thing you can imagine decided that it should go wrong. Your car won't start. Office won't open. Your WiFi broke. Your favourite shirt got eating by the washing machine. Your pencil broke. The data-stick with your long story has a glitch. And, of course, you cut your finger with a knife.

In your mind the best thing is to drag your tired body back home and curl up in a far corner. Suddenly, all the bad things that have ever happened to you come floating back, reminding you of the time you farted and sneezed at the same time in school. Or when you spelled your own name wrong because you were nervous.

Now, let's be serious, days like the above are rare. Yes, they exists, and yes, they suck. Big time. Usually, you'll have days and even weeks when it is a mix of the two. The other week I had such a horrible day when everything decided to go wrong. I wrote endless pages into my diary complaining about it, complaining that, of course, the coffee machine had to break today. Why can't I think of a reasonable way to plug that blog post? Really Sir Cat, did you have to throw up in my new shoes?

Then I went to bed, cursing the world and the universe. I woke up the next day, went into it and it was all right. The day after this was even good. And the one after that was much better! I had had brilliant moments, and fantastic moments. I was brimmed with energy and motivation. Until, inadvertently something silly happened ... again.

So, I grabbed my diary again, ready to scribble things into it. Angry and frustrated things. This is when I noticed something: When I started writing diaries, I used to write into them every single day. Even if it was just "today was quite boring and nothing happened. I petted the cat. Status: A-okay."

Lately I had only used it to get rid of frustration and whine about my shirt that shrunk in the washing machine. When I would leaf through I got the impression that everything was rubbish.

While there is a point to writing off frustration, I really think that only doing that is not the right way. You already get hung up on small faults. But I had a brilliant day, with only a minor crack in it. I should write it down as such!

The Invisible Cat

Every night the brave cat leaves the house, and defends his ground in the garden. Or possibly, he simply does his little pile of brown, and then sits in front of the door waiting to be let back inside. There is some evidence to suggest that, like that his paws are clean most of the time or that he is always there when you open the door.

How To Stay Motivated As A Small Blogger

With a hopeful face you started your blog and share the things you're passionate about. However, by now you thought you'd be famous with a book contract and piles of money safely in the bank. But it isn't like this. Then your motivation starts to slip, and while you ponder on what to write next a small flicker of doubt appears that says "what's the point?"

I've seen many new bloggers lose faith and then stop blogging all together. They had an absolute hype in the first few months, writing post after post, about every possible topic. After a while the sad tweet "I am falling out of love with blogging" is written down.

That is all right, we've all had moments when the world seemed hopeless and what you're doing seemed fruitless. However, there is a way to stay motivated when you are a small blogger:

Breaking Out Of Familiar Writing Territory

1000 Hours of Writing: Hours 200 - 240

For complicated reasons, that I can't be bothered to explain, this posts covers the last 40 hours, not the usual 20. Why shouldn't it be this way? Sticking to old rules and regs can be painful and annoying. It locks you in and after a while you get stuck only recycling the same thing over and over and over and over and over and ...

Sometimes it can be incredibly refreshing to break out of these bounds. But how?

In late December while twiddling my thumbs I was wondering what project I could take on in 2017. Should I paint a house? Take a car apart? Build a motorcycle? Run a marathon? In the end I had settled for the old-fashioned collaboration.

And who better to chose than someone who wants to produce creative content for the same fandom as me? More importantly, only one of us is a writer. My partner is a talented artist. It took a moment to work out how: in four months she would draw a picture, I would write a story that goes along with it. In other months I would write a story that would inspire a wonderful picture. Win, win! 

A wonderful picture